Will liberals want to close Old Tucson?

On March 10, the Arizona Daily Star's online edition featured a video of Rex Allen Sr. doing a promotion and retrospective of Old Tucson Studios.

It occurred to me: How long will the Old Tucson be allowed to operate before the liberal anti-gun crowd here clamors to close it?

I mean after all, the place highlights the gun culture of the Old West. There are Old West firearms displays, shootouts, and lots of memories of past violent Western movies made there. Parents are even encouraged to bring their children to the studios for fun and a ride on the little train.

Maybe next we will see Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik outside the entrance, calling for its closure. Thank goodness the property is located outside the city limits. I am being somewhat facetious here, but not by much.

David Burford

Retired, Oro Valley

LULAC dinner helps students stay in school

For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with Richard and Mary Fimbres on the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Youth Leadership Conference. Thanks to the LULAC Scholarship Dinner held at the Tucson Convention Center, funding has been available to hold this event.

More than 400 students have received scholarships to attend college from dinner proceeds. Also, more than 100,000 students have attended the LULAC conference where the message is to stay in school and to graduate.

Workshops and a career fair reinforce this message throughout the event. We have in our community many young leaders who attended this conference gaining support to continue in school and go on to higher education.

June Webb-Vignery

Education administrator, Tucson

Shooting ban supports multiple uses of land

Re: the March 3 editorial "Shooting ban was the right decision."

As a fifth-generation rancher and sportsman in Southern Arizona who hikes, recreates and grazes cattle in the Ironwood Forest National Monument area, I couldn't agree more with your editorial regarding BLM's decision to ban target shooting here.

I am a gun owner and hunter who supports target shooting in designated areas. Unfortunately, we have had too many close calls when out looking for cattle with stray bullets by target shooters with no idea what, or who, is in the distance. We've also seen many of our signs and water tanks shot up for no reason.

The target shooting ban represents not only a balanced decision on behalf of multiple uses but ensures the safety of all who visit the area. Those opposing this decision have no idea what it's like to duck stray bullets daily and clean up the mess left behind by target shooters.

Jesus Arvizu


Ticket renewal depends on UA-DirecTV deal

After having to go somewhere else to watch the Arizona basketball team play the Pac-12 tournament, I feel left out by the University of Arizona not able to make a deal with DirecTV.

I have season tickets that I renew every year. It's just not fair that I cannot watch games at home. I will not renew my tickets till this is taken care of.

Roger Amador

Retired, Tucson

Health-care headline excessive, even for Star

Re: the March 11 article "Health overhaul assault resumes."

The headline - "Health overhaul assault resumes" - was a bit over top even for the Star.

There are many people in the country concerned about saving our health care as it is. Health care under Obamacare is socialized medicine. There is no example in the world where medicine or medical care is better under socialism.

The article is about a discussion to save what we have, and that is one discussion that will continue in America.

I would not have even bothered to read it had you put the credit for it at the top of the article, Washington Post and McClatchy, instead of at the bottom of it. Neither of these outfits know what "fair and balanced" news reporting means.

Mike Ebert