Remember us, ‘we the people’

I am fed up! I am disgusted! I am ready to grab my pitchfork and personally toss the whole bunch of these Republicans out of Washington!

I am so sick and tired of them behaving like a bunch of grade-school bullies. Because of their dislike of our president — the one the majority of people elected — they have forgotten what they were hired to do, and that is represent us. You remember us, “we the people”?

Instead of cutting your nose off to spite your face, put on your big boy (or girl) pants and start making decisions that help America, not hurt her. Don’t let the wacko extremists on the right deter your better judgment. Get over the fact that our president is black and just for once, try to remember what it’s like to be honorable.

Susi Learn

Retired, Tucson

Negotiations sound like kidnappers’ threats

John Boehner has been whining that the president won’t negotiate with House Republicans. But what is it Boehner has to offer in these negotiations?

I am not sure how others view negotiations, but this is more akin to the negotiations that take place after the kidnapping: “We will give you the government back if you agree to our demands — the government that we would like to shrink until it can be drowned in the bathtub.”

In other words, to make the threat credible they don’t care if the victim dies. This is not a negotiation, it is a ransom, and unfortunately we are the victims.

Thomas Arnold

Analyst, Tucson

Big businesses are the beneficiaries

We must really thank the Republican extremists for standing their ground. The American people appreciate your action in shutting down the government? Really? I suppose by “American people” you mean those you really represent: big oil, coal, pharmaceuticals, et cetera. These are the “folks” that really benefit from this fiasco.

Shutting down government benefits them and saves them big bucks by not contributing to the Affordable Care Act. That’s too expensive for them. That’s why they’re spending so much money through various front groups to defund the government.

So here you have it, a nonperson entity becomes the “American people.” How strange is that: the minority becomes the majority.

George Girard

Retired, Tucson

Congress undercutting economy, risking jobs

Cities and towns near our national parks and monuments are estimated to be losing millions of dollars per day in lost sales and services. This puts jobs at risk and undercuts our slowly recovering economy. The shutdown by self-serving political hacks hurts the United States.

Perhaps we should have a no reelection campaign against every member of Congress and start fresh with people who understand human needs.

Cynthia Schiesel

Retired teacher, Tucson

Finger pointers often the bullies

Re: the Oct. 2 editorial “Just no reasoning with tea-party fringe Republicans.”

It’s not surprising but still puzzling how the  Star can characterize tea-party Republicans as bullies and not Rep. Ron Barber, who voted for the same measure. Bullying is modifying the “law of the land” over a dozen times by executive order in support of one’s political base. Bullying is absolutely refusing to sit down and negotiate with those with opposing views.

Voting as Rep. Barber and tea-party Republicans did to remove the exemptions Congress granted themselves and putting off for one year penalties to individuals for not enrolling as was granted to corporations, is not bullying.

And I doubt that there is anyone in Congress who has a mission of “dismantling the government.” If anyone wants to dismantle anything, it’s the finger pointers in the editorial department, who sometimes are bullies.

Don M. Weaver

Marketing consultant, Tucson

Whom does Barber

the appeaser represent?

Re: the Oct. 2. column “Steller: Shutdown politics trap Rep. Barber.”

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber has demonstrated he regularly confuses effective compromise with appeasement, or that he actually does subscribe to the views of the radical right.

His latest vote for his district is to support the right holding the nation’s government and economy hostage. His vote to delay the individual penalty for not buying insurance under the Affordable Care Act was a vote to advance the agenda of those who would deny basic health care for the poor, the disadvantaged, and the helpless— a growing component of the former middle class he asserts he supports.

This is not a unique decision for the congressman. His record is to vote in favor of wholesale elimination of the rule of law and denial of citizen oversight. He did it on his first vote on border security and more recently in a vote on forest policy. No solutions, just appeasement to, or alignment with, those whose agenda is to erode environmental protection and the role of citizens in overseeing their government. Who does Ron Barber represent?

Roger McManus

Biologist, Tucson

Capitulation is not negotiation

John Boehner has said the president refuses to negotiate. The House speaker is obviously in need of vocabulary help when he confuses the word “negotiate” with “capitulate.”

Ray Curtis

Retired educator, Tucson