Health-care website frustrating, not deadly

The only thing I am upset about is that the president apologized.

I don’t recall George W. Bush ever apologizing for embroiling the country in two of the costliest, deadliest wars in the history of the United States.

Yes, the health-care website is frustrating and annoying, for now. But I doubt that anyone has suffered a traumatic brain injury, had their limbs blown off their torso, or lost their life in a distant land, far away from home and family.

Where’s George’s apology to our nation?

Anne Lane

Retired teacher, Tucson

Bite of radioactive fish

will reveal the truth

Solar “holier than thou idealists” may be dumb, but they are not stupid. Impose enough additional cost for “doing the right thing” and even they will find better uses for their money.

If you question whether solar and other renewable energy sources are the right thing, go have a bite of the radioactive fish being caught off the west coast of Canada, or buy yourself a nice home next to a shale-gas fracking field and have a drink of water.

The energy from those fossil fuels you want to burn comes from the sun. We will most likely have “cheap” energy for at least another 20 years or so.

But why not save those fossil fuels for the multitude of other sometimes irreplaceable purposes for which they can be employed? (If all those global-warming predictions are correct, why not save your grandchildren the cost of moving Los Angeles 50 miles inland?)

Steven Lesh

Retired, Tucson

Report license numbers from near-misses

Re: the Oct. 27 article “Pedestrian deaths at record level across area.”

Thank you for your timely article on pedestrian deaths. I walk nearly daily, for exercise and pleasure, and have nearly been run over several times in the past few weeks. One of the real dangers not mentioned in your article is the four-way stop. Twice I have nearly been hit by drivers — after I have looked all ways and made sure all have stopped.

Some drivers are just not paying attention, or, if they are, they want the pedestrian to be out of the way so they can get where they’re going a few seconds faster.

This particular four-way stop has an elementary school on one corner, and these are 25 mph streets.

I now drive to the Rillito River Park so I can walk in safety, a vast improvement. But this is not an option for people who are walking to school, work or other destinations. Perhaps one idea is for pedestrians to report the license number of those who nearly run them down.

Carolyn Webb

Retired, Tucson

Yo , Northerners, heed Arizona’s U-turn laws

Now that our friends from the North are arriving to spend winter in warm, sunny Tucson, it is a good time to remind them, and local residents as well, of U-turn laws in Arizona. Those making a right turn on a red light must yield to those making a U-turn on a green, unless otherwise noted by overhead signs.

Remember, you may not have the right-of-way on a red light when turning right, so please, pay attention to traffic signs. I see too many near-collisions where this law is not followed.

Lynn Malo

Retired, Tucson

Government does determine cars we drive

Re: the Nov. 6 letter to the editor “We wouldn’t want to drive ‘Obamacars.’ ”

The writer compares the Affordable Care Act to the government telling us what kind of cars we must drive. Does he really think that the government doesn’t tell us what we can drive?

The list of required safety features is long and strict and you can get a traffic ticket if you don’t have some of them.

He calls that “totalitarian and un-American.” We are also required to carry auto liability insurance and can be fined if we don’t. The comparison is interesting and both are for our own health and safety.

The health-insurance policies being canceled are worthless because they don’t cover the required health problems that might actually occur.

Marilynn Lowder

Retired, Tubac

Fitz got it right on immigration reform

Re: the Oct. 26 column “Preserving our Arizona requires standing up for immigration reform.”

David Fitzsimmons’ serious and articulate column perfectly mirrors my own opinions, not only about the importance of immigration reform but about public officials, especially in Arizona, who refuse to see or understand the demographic shifts in this state and this country.

Their misguided and desperate attempts to forestall the inevitable are sad and often humorous, but these actions certainly cannot be defined as public service.

Banning books, denying education and jobs to young people who had no role in how they got to this country, and suppressing voters can only be seen as coming from total ignorance at best and from a deep well of racism at worst.

Activists, keep standing up for justice — your state and your nation need you.

Marty McCune

Retired, Tucson

Palestinians should live in peace or move on

Re: the Nov. 6 article “Kerry aims to break impasse in peace talks.”

It is painfully obvious that John Kerry is simply the mouthpiece for Obama, spouting anti-Israel rhetoric and trying to threaten Israel with a third intifada.

It is about time that the Palestinians give up something. Israel has given up territory, and their repayment? Murders.

They released criminals who had committed murders, and the result? More murders. If the Palestinians do not want to truly live in peace with Israel, then they should all try to move to Lebanon, Jordan or the other Arab countries that refused them admittance back in 1948.

Enough is enough already.

Craig Bergman

Retired, Tucson