ADOT has description of 'scenic road'

What is the state of the term "scenic road"? The Arizona Department of Transportation describes it as follows: "These roads include a roadway (or segment of a roadway) that offers a memorable visual impression, is free of visual encroachment, and forms a harmonious composite of visual patterns."

Highway 83 is a designated 57-mile-long scenic road beginning at Interstate 10 and continuing to the south. I don't think that drivers on a scenic road should encounter scarred hillsides and heavy traffic consisting of full and empty sulfuric acid trucks and trucks carrying ore concentrate headed to Asia for processing.

Richard Demers


Merchants should keep to posted hours

Re: the May 11 article "Fourth Ave. merchants debate meter's impact."

I'm tired of reading all about the parking problems and the construction on Fourth Avenue; that's old news. Yes, it makes getting around difficult and the shops are suffering. However, a bigger annoyance that shopkeepers control is not opening at the posted times. I'm always frustrated when I go down to Fourth Avenue and the shops are posted as opening at 11 a.m. but they don't open until later.

This was the case at three out of four shops I went to last week. Maybe this works with the student population, but if owners are courting the general public, they need to up their game.

With the summer heat, earlier hours would be nice. Chocolate Iguana opens much earlier and was doing a brisk business.

Despite my frustration, I love Fourth Avenue and it's worth the trip. Olytata, Rustic Candle, Pop Cycle, Creative Ventures, Hippy Gypsy, et cetera, are all unique stores and a pleasure to shop.

Rhonda Chandler


Speed-camera trend should continue

Re: the May 18 article "County's speed cameras might go."

I'm confused. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry wants to remove the 11 traffic cameras located around Pima County. Between 2009 and 2011, the number of traffic citations dropped 38 percent and, more significantly, the number of fatal crashes declined by 48 percent.

Huckleberry had to admit last year in a memo that "this is a significant, positive trend." The word "trend" necessarily indicates an ongoing action; therefore, shouldn't this trend be allowed to continue, considering its positive manifestations?

I don't know what Huckleberry is thinking. Doesn't he realize that, given the evidence, these cameras are providing a service to his constituency?

Ken Wright

Retired, Tucson

Ousting acting IRS head is only a sideshow

Re: the May 16 article "Obama ousts acting IRS chief."

So the president angrily throws the temporary head of the IRS under the bus, and it's applauded by the media as a bold move to clean up corruption in a major government agency.

The guy was on the bus already scheduled to take him out of town in two weeks. Talk about a sideshow.

Don M. Weaver

Consultant, Tucson

IRS lax on many groups seeking political change

If Congress wants to get down to the bottom of the so-called IRS scandal, all it has to do is look at the Federal Election Commission and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court by ruling in Citizens United, and the FEC unwilling to investigate violations of the campaign finance law.

These organizations seeking recognition as tax-exempt social welfare organizations are nothing more than groups looking to change the political landscape of this country. If anything, I would say that the IRS has been lax on these tax-exempts. There is nothing social about the tea party.

It was started because of the big bank bailouts, and then changed to opposing the Affordable Care Act. And then changed again, to supporting the Republican Party. If Congress wants to really fix this, it can vote to take all money out of politics.

Clyde R. Steele

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Elect attorney general and clean up conflicts

Re: the May 15 article "Justice probes IRS targeting of tea party."

Considering only Obama would benefit politically from the IRS harassment of conservative organizations, to have the attorney general that was appointed by him to do the investigation is a conflict of interest.

One of the biggest fixes we could do for Washington is make the AG an elected position - not appointed - so it would only be the voters he or she would have to answer to, not their appointer.

Paul Cragle


Those who drive free on roads should pay up

Re: the May 15 article "Supervisors to take their case for gas-tax hike to Legislature."

It is obvious to me that our roads in Tucson and all of Pima County are in need of repairs.

Chuck Huckelberry said he will encourage raising the gas tax by our state government to fund repairs. We have also heard about being taxed on our miles driven as a "fair" way using satellite technology or a "black box" to approach the problem.

How about just getting all the people who have been awarded a free ride by not paying their fair share of tax for using the roads?

I mean those driving electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and vehicles powered by compressed natural gas who pay no gas tax. This includes automobiles, trucks and buses.

They not only pay less or no gasoline tax, but they are also given other tax breaks on their purchase of the vehicle.

The unintended consequences of all the clean-air vehicles is that they do not pay their fair share. How about it?

Terry J. Hlivko

Financial adviser, Tucson