Writer imagines

a perfect world

Re: the July 28 guest column “Embrace humanity, not killing and avarice.”

The author ignores history completely if she believes wars are unjust and unnecessary. In a perfect world she may be right, but since that’s not where we reside we humans have the ability to make choices.

If our Founders had not rebelled successfully against King George, there would be no America. If we had stayed out of World War I, there would be no Western Europe and possibly no America. If we had declined to enter World War II, we might all be under Nazi or Japanese rule.

We face even more dire threats today in the form of radical extremists who look forward to wiping the West off the face of the Earth and those who desire  nuclear weapons. They must be stopped or our world will eventually implode from human destruction.

In the meantime, the writer is free to dream of her nonexistent utopia.

Lindsey Smith

Retired, Tucson

Op-Ed piece was

a ray of sunshine

Thank you, Star, for the Monday morning sunshine on the Op-Ed page of Gretchen Nielsen’s “Embrace humanity, not killing and avarice.” How wonderful to have something that is not pejorative toward some person, but which points out the atmosphere of fear and violence in our world, and at least hints at the responsibility of each one of us to recognize this and start to “grow up.”

It is indeed “time to look inside ourselves for the truth.” Please find and print more upbeat opinions like this one! Thanks to you and Ms. Nielsen!

Gayl Woityra

Retired, Catalina

Wooten has no

business in the race

As a conservative for over 50 years, I am often appalled at some who present themselves as “conservative” and who contribute to the absurd caricature that some try to paint of us.

It appears from a press report of a recent debate that a would-be Republican candidate for the U.S. House from District 2, Chuck Wooten, falls into that category. According to the Star, Wooten said that “under no conditions” would he vote for an increase in the federal debt limit.

This is not a principled statement; it is a foolish statement that shows economic illiteracy.

So long as the U.S. government runs a deficit, and even Rand Paul’s aggressive deficit reduction plan would take five years to balance the budget, the federal government will have to increase its borrowing. That is not “liberalism,” that is a fact.

Any candidate who does not know that has no business running.

John A. Johnson

Lawyer, minister, Tucson