Hold border agents accountable under law

Re: the April 26 letter to the editor "Asinine to convict border agents."

I would like to take issue with the person who criticized our legal system for finding border patrol agents guilty of violating the rights of some illegal border crossers.

All law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold the laws of the United States, states, counties and cities without prejudice.

These officers clearly violated the law and deserve punishment as handed down by our legal system. They should also have their jobs terminated.

We the people do not need officers who will not obey their own sworn statements and the laws of the land. They are an embarrassment to all law enforcement officers.

Richard Leland

Retired law enforcement officer, Benson

Flake didn't 'stand up' for this person

Re: the April 28 letter to the editor "Thanks for Flake vote against feel-good bill."

The letter writer wrote, "It is nice to have someone in Congress who stands up for the people." Sorry, but I'm a people, and U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake is definitely not standing up for me.

What exactly is so horrific about background checks for gun purchasers anyway? If indeed this ruling "would do nothing to control violence in our country" - that is, if it's so innocuous and powerless - why would you object to it at all?

A decision so apparently unable to create any positive change will be equally unable to create any negative change - so why do Flake and the National Rifle Association object so vociferously? That is the true question here.

Kendra Gaines

Writing consultant, Tucson

Cyclovia pedaled past, left no trash

Re: the April 25 article "This time, Cyclovia will go linear."

Congratulations to Cyclovia Tucson and all participants in Sunday's festivities.

We live on Blacklidge on the bike route. After 3 p.m., when the festivities officially ended, I went out to the street to pick up trash. There was none. In fact, we saw no trash in the street between Tucson Boulevard and Country Club Road.

There was probably no trash on the whole route. Speaks very well for the hundreds of cyclists involved and for the organizers of the event.

Way to go! And thanks!

John Chambers

Retired, Tucson

Take action to prevent more violence

Re: the April 18 article "Senate defeats major gun curbs."

The Senate vote decided that we don't need to ban extended magazines for firearms or universal background checks for the mentally disabled or felons to make us a safer nation.

But why isn't action being taken by our government to prevent further tragedy in the wake of regularly occurring bloodshed?

According to several polls conducted by groups such as The Washington Post and Gallup, a majority of citizens believe that the bill should have been passed by the Senate, so why wasn't it? It didn't pass because of the great partisan divide that's been plaguing this country for generations.

It sometimes feels as if some issues are voted against by one party simply because it's what the other party wants.

I find it rather childish. All the Senate did here was effectively postpone the issue once again, providing no real solution.  

Spencer Lyon

College student, Tucson

Sensible gun owners don't oppose checks

From the beginning there has been a bad name put on the gun legislation effort. It should never have been called "gun control."

There is an underlying element in the American spirit that does not want to be controlled. It would have been better from the start if the effort to keep guns from criminals and the mentally ill would have been called "sensible gun legislation."

No law-abiding gun owner in his right mind would oppose background checks at gun shows or online.

Don Vandine

Sierra Vista