Tea-party types

risk hypocrisy

I note all the letters to the editor by retirees who appear to be supporters of the tea party. I truly hope that none of you are contributing to large government by taking Social Security or using Medicare or Medicaid. That would make you hypocrites.

Craig Miller

ICU RN, Tucson

Second Amendment is no longer valid

We live in the best and most beautiful country in the world, but we are by far the most violent of the civilized nations simply because there is no control of firearms. People are brainwashed about gun rights. The cause of this nonsense is the wrong interpretation of the Second Amendment.

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

A comma is separating the two phrases, meaning the definition is one phrase concerning the militia and the security of the state only (not the individual); if there were a period we would have two phrases of different concern (militia and citizens) and the right to bear arms would be valid. But we don’t and the militia is no more. The Second Amendment is actually obsolete.

Joseph Horvath

Retired, Tucson

Dad ‘separated’ family with illegal activity

Re: the Oct. 20 column “Deportation threat leaves family in limbo.”

The column glossed over the facts that Jesús González spent two years in state prison for serious drug convictions, had been previously deported and re-entered illegally, which is also a crime.

But because González has kids that should trump all, including any expectation of his obeying U.S. laws, so as not to separate his family?

González alone is the one “separating” his family. There are consequences to repeatedly violating the law, even for a traffic infraction. This is a wonderful example of the system working: A serious criminal who served time in state prison, and for whom the laws are designed to keep out and render ineligible for legal status, was discovered and detained.

Kristie Brightman

Fitness instructor, Chandler

Malfeasance tied forever to Rio Nuevo

Malfeasance is misconduct or an unlawful act carried out by public officials that cannot be legally justified or that conflicts with the law.

Malfeasance will forever be linked to the Tucson Rio Nuevo fractured failure.

As will the disgraced names of all involved in the sordid scandal be indelibly linked to the misappropriations of $250 million in taxpayer funds as they continue to live, prosper and mature among us.

Jerry Wilkerson

Retired, Tucson

Anti-Obama page was unbalanced

The Oct. 5 op-ed page was a huge disappointment — completely biased. I thought the Daily Star attempted political balance but I guess not, as both pieces were anti-Obama. Must be what sells!

Elsa Dunn

Homemaker, Tucson

There’s a reason to keep olive trees from fruiting

Re: the Oct. 5 article “Pilot harvest seeks bounty from UA’s olive, fruit trees.”

This feel-good project may reap unintended consequences, namely an influx of patients to the University of Arizona Medical Center. Pima County has banned the planting of fruit-bearing olive trees since 1985 because their pollens produce severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

While the olive trees on campus are perfectly legal, the university has been a responsible citizen by spraying the trees to prevent blooming.

One olive tree that can be planted legally in the county is the Swan Hill variety, developed by the University of California-Davis.

Ironically, the UA contributed to the research demonstrating that the Swan Hill produces less than 1 percent of the pollen of typical European olive trees.

Steve Kelley

Freelance writer, Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Tucson Meet Yourself is the best fest

We had a wonderful time at Tucson Meet Yourself. This festival is well-organized, fun and full of culture. It’s set in a great venue and easy to get around and see it all.

We saw Brazilian, Native American, Chinese and world music dancers. We ate Jamaican, Costa Rican, Thai and Peruvian food. And, that’s just a bit of what was offered. Thank you to the city and all the organizers and volunteers at this event. It is the best!

Judy Mercer

Retired registered nurse, Oro Valley