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December 23, 2013 12:00 am

Revert FISA to its original intent, spirit

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was enacted in 1978 and worked well until the G.W. Bush presidency. He circumvented it for two years and set up his own people to monitor communications in and out of the country. When it was discovered, he reverted back to FISA but made changes. That opened the door for the huge numbers of calls being monitored.

Reverting back to the original FISA, where a court has to approve what a president asks for with regard to suspicious communications, will solve the problem of spying as we now know it.

All the presidents since 1978 used the original FISA over 3,000 times and only four were stopped, according to figures posted at the time. President Bush violated his oath of office by not following the FISA that was in effect after he became president.

Pete Vucurevich

Retired, Sierra Vista

Who’s paying for ads

against health law?

Who do you suppose is spending all that money to run those slick expensive commercials on television against Obamacare? Is it possible that they are trying to sway public opinion or get elected? Why not use that money to help with the deficit or help fix the problems with the insurance program?

If the successful insurance program developed by Republican Mitt Romney is what Obamacare was patterned after, then why doesn’t Romney lend his expertise to help fix the problems currently being experienced?

Just some food for thought.

Betty Amendola

Graphic designer, Tucson

Keep us sane; keep phone use off planes

Re: the Dec. 12 article “Poll: Strong opposition to in-flight calls.”

In regard to allowing the use of a cellphone on airplanes, I would like to tell of an unfortunate incident on the shuttle between Phoenix and Tucson, when a passenger chatted for two hours on his phone without stop and the topic of conversation was nothing essential. I cannot imagine dozens of people doing the same thing on a plane.

If the airlines allow cellphone use, it should be limited to five minutes after takeoff and before landing, for the sanity of everyone on board.

Tom Fennell

Retired, Tucson

Disingenuous Obama, Dems are at fault

Re: the Dec. 2 letter to the editor “Don’t blame Obama for insurance errors.”

The writer claims the president didn’t lie to Americans about Obamacare nor did Obama cancel any insurance policies. I would like to point out the facts. First, it is on record that the president promised that if Americans liked their health insurance plans and their doctors, they would be able to keep them. There were no caveats — none.

Second, insurance companies were forced to cancel millions of health plans because they did not conform to what the current regime demands.

The president and the Democrats who forced this law on Americans had no choice but to lie because if the truth were known the bill would never have made it to the president’s desk for signature.

Lindsey Smith

Retired, Tucson

Don’t assign human traits to wildlife

Re: the Dec. 6 column “Sheep and premeditated killing, bicycle crashes, more.”

Columnist Tim Steller’s comments about the killing of mountain lions in the Catalina Mountains was anthropomorphic at best and ill-informed at the least. The sheep transplant plan covered this action in taking sheep-killing lions. If a person looks at the “take” from an individual animal’s position, it is a negative impact. If you look at it logically from a population position, it makes sense.

The lions are not endangered, and they have a robust population in the Catalinas and all of Arizona. If the public wants sheep in the mountains around Tucson then in order for them to be re-established, predator control in the beginning when they are most vulnerable in a necessity. This has been done with other transplanted populations many times in the past so it is not new.

For those who decry the practice, I suggest that you learn a little about wildlife populations from something other than Marty Stouffer or Walt Disney and not assign your human traits to them.

Kurt Bahti

Retired wildlife biologist, Patagonia

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