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May 10, 2014 12:00 am

Unless you’re a car, stay off the roads

Re: the May 7 letter to the editor “Bicycles and autos just aren’t compatible.”

The letter writer believes that bicyclists should make the “safe” choice and not ride along the roadways. I assume this means no commuter cycling, no kids riding to school, no road bikers, no seniors staying fit and enjoying the fresh air on a leisurely ride. Maybe pedestrians and joggers should follow suit, since autos are clearly a threat to them as well.

Paul Ottley

Educator, Tucson

VE Day deserved more coverage

May 8 was the 69th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender and the beginning of the end of World War II. There was nary a word of this historic event in the Star.

The Nazi killing-machine was directly responsible for the murders of better than 80 million people, both military and civilians; Russia alone lost more than 20 million.

I was in the U.S. Navy, stationed at the time in San Bruno, California, where my unit was awaiting deployment to a Navy base in the South Pacific. We knew that the war was not over, the Japanese were fierce fighters, but for me and my buddies the cheers for VE Day were loud and sustained.

Sid Brodkin

Retired, Tucson

Which was worse, Benghazi or Iraq war?

Republicans in Congress just won’t let up on Benghazi, hoping to bring down President Obama over the loss of the four Americans. They won’t let up over this tragic loss of life and the supposed cover-up.

The loss of American lives is indeed tragic but it pales in comparison with the number of lives lost and the thousands of lives changed forever over the war in Iraq.

Rep. Darrell Issa believes, so he says, that the Benghazi cover-up was orchestrated by Obama. The whole world, and I mean the whole world, knows that George W. Bush lied about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. His secretary of state even lied to the United Nations about it.

Why the difference between the loss of four Americans lives versus the loss of thousands? Is the difference who was president at the time of those losses? Issa should disband his lynch mob.

Jerry Lujan

Retired foreign service officer,


Tucson, Star care about local celebrities

Re: the May 5 letter to the editor “Is the Star starved for real news?”

While I was also surprised to see front page coverage on the sale of Linda Ronstadt’s home, the Star’s decision here is part of the charm of living in Tucson — a city with a small-town feel that cares about its local notables.

Even as a relative newcomer (10 years), I have followed with great interest stories of the links to the Tucson area of Ms. Ronstadt and others, such as Sandra Day O’Connor. Keep it up!

Dan Granger

Volunteer naturalist, Tucson

Tax dollars subsidize corporate profits

Re: the May 5 editorials “Should Congress raise minimum wage?”

Numerous studies based on hard data going back more than two decades show that the results of a minimum wage increase varies from no effect to a small decrease in the unemployment rate.

I’ve been unable to find a single study based on statistical data resulting in an increase in unemployment coincident with an increase in the minimum wage. The Congressional Budget Office report is an opinion.

The 1968 minimum wage of $1.60 per hour, adjusted for inflation, is equal to $10.86 per hour in 2014. This represents a decline of 33 percent at $7.25 per hour.

Tax credits and welfare programs simply enable corporations such as Walmart and McDonald’s to pay lower wages. I’m tired of my tax dollars being used to subsidize the profits of big corporations. It’s time for them to pay their own way.

It seems obvious that a minimum living wage would go far to reduce the cost of our welfare programs.

Greye Passarelli

Retired, Tucson

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