Democracy includes voices on the left

Re: the June 21 letter “Star still supports agenda of the left.”

The author is upset that the Star is left wing. Really sorry about that. Alternatives: Fox News. Any right leaning publication. Talk radio.

Understand that others don’t share the same opinions. If not for the present two-party system, this country would be a dictatorship.

Ronald Bose

Retired, Tucson

Allow visitors into Nogales shelter

I recently went to a detention center in Nogales, Arizona, where up to 1,000 children have been warehoused, separated from their parents.

I simply wanted to find out how they were doing and offer to sit and play with them, help out in their time of need.

I was told at the gate that no one could visit and was given a Tucson Sector Border Patrol number. When I called this number, I was told nothing could be done and no questions could be answered.

As a Christian, I am motivated by the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:36: “I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Clergy and lay people of all faiths are regularly allowed to visit people in hospitals and prisons. In democratic countries, people suffering in humanitarian crises should not be held in secrecy in detention centers.

Individuals and groups who want to help should be allowed to visit and provide assistance.

Timothy Conrad

Teacher, Nogales

Stand up for equal pay for women

Even though the gender gap of equality has become smaller since the 1960s, it is still an issue in society.

Current research shows that women make about 77 cents for every dollar that men make and that is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Many would say that the gap comes from men pursuing higher career fields, but in fact the gap comes in every single career field. Therefore, women have a hard time climbing up the ladder to higher paying positions because they do not have the chance to do so.

If we want this country to move forward, we should start with closing the gender gap completely. Influencing society to recognize this issue will be a great start.

Lourdes Ibarra

Student, Tucson

Flores-era board members hurt PCC

While some progress has been made, other problems at Pima Community College have not gone away. A stain remains: the four Flores-era governing board members Brenda Even, Scott Stewart, David Longoria and Marty Cortez.

The Higher Learning Commission described them as “dysfunctional.” They have cost PCC its good reputation and hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars in legal fees and corrective actions in removing the barriers they created. They misled the public and each other regarding the former chancellor’s sexual harassment of employees. Two continue to support the restricted admissions policies that damaged PCC and our community.

These board members are impediments to the successful lifting of probation — if they do not resign. They are the stain that remains, making it nearly impossible for Chancellor Lee Lambert to restore PCC’s luster.

As long as they remain in office, Pima County cannot trust that PCC is committed to open admissions and student success.

Richard H. Fridena

Retired PCC faculty member and administrator, Tucson

Huppenthal betrays Socratic thought

How ironic that state School Superintendent John Huppenthal used the handle “Socrates” in his anonymous blog postings! In one of the most famous Socratic dialogues, Socrates discusses the “Ring of Gyges,” a ring that makes its bearer invisible. The dialogue involves whether a moral person would use that power for immoral purposes.

Huppenthal thought he was moving through the Internet invisibly with his anonymous posts, and left a stream of pollution in his wake with bigoted and despicable comments about minorities and the poor.

Besides being a terrible student of Socrates, his actions were deplorable and he is demonstrably unfit for his position.

His continued presence in public service is a blight.

Erik Ryberg

Attorney, Tucson