Dealer law not good for consumers

Re: the March 14 column “State law threatens dreams of Tucson Tesla plant.”

I found this quote from the president of the Arizona Auto Dealers Association Bobbi Sparrow, on why state law prohibits auto manufacturers from selling cars directly to consumers, amusing spin: “It was for the consumer so we could take care of them, take care of recall and warranty work.”

Recall is a federal safety law and warranty is consumer product protection. Maybe the auto dealers lobbyists can come up with a new spin or perhaps unspin if they’re smart enough to figure out the loss of 6,500 jobs means they won’t have any of the Tesla employees as customers for their “protected” car market.

Gentlemen, start your engines and let the unspinning begin. The old law is not good for the consumer.

Henry Kolesnik

Retired engineer, Green Valley

Tucson establishment epitomizes hypocrisy

Re: the March 13 letter to the editor “Slate writer just doesn’t get Tucson.”

As a native of Tucson, I agree with Slate writer Eric Holthaus. The hard truth always bites unless you prefer comforting lies.

Tucson had the third-highest suicide rate in the nation several years ago and still has a high suicide rate. Hard drugs, substandard wages even for skilled workers and an economy that has always been lousy probably contribute to that.

I will say this with every fiber in my body: the Tucson establishment epitomizes hypocrisy. The letter writer, the Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau are in the public-relations business that will never tell you the truth about the other side of this burglar-infested city.

The serf wages are the result of dishonest people hiring illegal labor before other regions of the country ever knew the term.

David Fosca

Trucker, Tucson

Avoidance mandate demoralizes agents

Re: the March 8 article “BP to agents: Avoid harm’s way.”

So now the Border Patrol is asking its agents to take no action against rock throwers and to not stand in front of escaping vehicles. At least the escaping vehicles I understand, metal versus human tissue usually turns out badly.

I have a suggestion if you further want to undermine morale in the agents. Those handcuffs they carry on their duty belts? Have them wear them when they go off on patrol. Give me a break!

Charles Shero

Retired law enforcement, Tucson

Offer alternatives

with opinions, c


Re: the March 13 editorial “Syrian butchery shows US policy’s dismal failure.”

Nearly every day there is a one-sided editorial tirade against something or other published in your newspaper. It is the height of childhood foolishness to listen to someone who can criticize without offering a constructive alternative.

Would you please stop publishing pieces that criticize and do not also provide a suggested alternative? I believe that such an approach would vastly improve the quality, if not the quantity, of views being expressed.

Vincent Allen

Retired, Tucson