Cyclists’ greatest fear

should be other riders

The greatest danger for bicyclists in Tucson is not automobiles, but other cyclists. As a long-time cyclist I am regularly passed by others who give no warning and often pass within inches. I feel much more threatened by this than by motorists, and there is simply no excuse for such dangerous and discourteous passing on a four-lane divided road such as La Cañada, Rancho Vistoso or Oracle.

I contacted the president of the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association about this, but unfortunately he did not see it as a problem. Nevertheless, I would hope that all cycling organizations would encourage members to show courtesy by giving a warning when passing and allowing the same 3 feet of space that is legally required (and that they expect) from drivers.

Gary Pugh

Retired teacher, Oro Valley

Get your facts right

on Obama’s spending

Re: the Oct. 24 letter to the editor “Obama spending our future away.”

The letter writer couldn’t be further from the truth! According to Forbes magazine President Obama has the lowest annualized spending increase of any president since they started keeping track with President Reagan.

That’s right, a conservative publication like Forbes states Reagan at 8.7 percent from 1982-85 and G.W. Bush from 2002-2005 at 7.3 percent and then from 2006-2009 at 8.1 percent are the biggest spenders. President Obama at 1.4 percent is not the profligate spender the writer believes.

Ian Cooke

Retired military, Tucson

Good guys with guns help when police can’t

Re: the Oct. 27 letter to the editor “Second Amendment is no longer valid.”

I’m sure the people at the Firefighters Union Hall or the smoke shop in Tucson, or one of the malls or theaters struck by tragedy, would have liked to have someone with a weapon present when the lunatics showed up armed.

As the proud father of two law enforcement officers, I know you can’t depend on the response time of our understaffed agencies. If someone showed up to wreak havoc in a public place while the letter writer and I were there, I’m guessing he would be glad to see I had my Glock with me, wouldn’t you?

Alan Cross

Physician, Tucson

It’s time to speak truth

on immigrant families

The people who come here illegally want America to change our laws to accommodate them. They say that we are separating families.

America is not separating families, they are by doing illegal things. They have no regard for our laws. Do any of the “Dreamers” want to become American citizens?

The universities want to give reduced cost for their education — what about reduced cost to legal American citizens?

Marilyn Savage

Citizen, Tucson

Positive news on TUSD

got buried yet again

Re: the Nov. 7 article “Johnson is TUSD’s 1st failing school.”

While Cholla High being named a national STEM finalist was a Page 6 brief in the Nov. 11 edition, negative news on TUSD made the front page, again. Considering K-2 children are still learning and becoming students, this horrible headline as front page news was very disturbing to me and other educators.

Such negativity on the front page in large print affects the children, staff and parents of Johnson.

This is shameful. I wonder if any of the Cholla finalists attended Johnson.

Rosalie Milano

Retired TUSD educator, Tucson