Teens should read poverty series

I think the poverty series is one of the most important efforts the Star has ever undertaken. So very powerful! The combination of facts and personal stories should touch everyone.

This series should be required reading on the high school level. The message that single motherhood and poverty often go hand in hand should resonate with that age group. Maybe a booklet that has the series in it or a link from the high school’s website to yours leading directly to each article would make it accessible to all.

Jane Q. Peterson

Retired librarian, Oro Valley

There are solutions other than welfare

I am a liberal-minded fellow and believe in lending a helping hand to people less fortunate, but the Daily Star’s series on poverty is having the opposite effect for me.

We can only help people so much. Eventually, they must learn to help themselves. The article on child care left me thinking about my mother. My father didn’t make much, and I’m sure today we would have qualified for all types of government aid, but I doubt my mother would have applied. She felt welfare was for losers without pride. She solved her child-care problem by caring for several children in our modest home until her children were of school age. Why can’t modern mothers do the same? Perhaps the government could spend what few dollars it has on such programs to train one in five to take care of the other four. Am I totally naive?

Jon Stromquist

Sandwich shop owner, Green Valley

Border Patrol gets free pass again

Re: the Aug. 10 article “2 killings at border bring no charges.”

It’s sad but why is it not a surprise that federal authorities will not pursue criminal charges against the Border Patrol agents involved in these shootings. There never seems to be sufficient evidence to support the victims’ side. I’m sure the families are comforted by the official’s statement that the loss of life “is regrettable.” Cuántos más... how many more?

Carlos Palacios

Manager, Nogales

Where were parents of Saguaro tagger?

Re: the Aug. 11 article “Boy, 15, in Saguaro Park tagging was on probation.”

How do you discipline a young person who was on probation, admits to tagging since he was 12 and is apparently incorrigible. Where are the parents?

Ted Gemoets


Pentagon always wants the world

Re: the Aug. 1 article “No hype, Hagel says: Cuts dangerous.”

Chuck Hagel wants us prepared to the max, for any eventuality, anywhere in the world, at all times. This includes planes like the F-35, which cost $400 million each (while we are cutting food stamps). We do not always have to prepare for the biggest war possible. We prepared for World War II in a relatively short period of time. There is only one reason this is suggested — it is a way to “keep the fat cats fat.” Outrageous.

Grace Rich

Retired teacher, Tucson

Look at Congress for real problems

Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning have not done anywhere near the damage to this country that John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid have — along with 90 percent of their congressional cronies. Who are the real traitors to the USA? Silly question!

Gary Jones