Let's get some things straight right now

Let's get this straight: The traffic cameras have reduced accidents and saved lives. So clearly we don't need them!

Let's get this straight: We don't want college kids, like my beloved son, Samuel, who years ago died in an alcohol-related accident, to get killed in alcohol-related incidents. But let's devote the first floor to a World of Beer.

Let's get this straight: It's unwise to fix tire-busting potholes on major streets until we complete millions of dollars in fixes on lightly used streets.

Let's get this straight: Capital punishment at the expense of millions does nothing to reduce the murder rate or satisfy the need for closure. Therefore, let's keep squandering our taxes and killing losers to show that people should never kill people.

Let's get this straight: The way to reduce traffic and global warming is to widen streets. Any fool should know that.

David Ray

Professor, Tucson

'Ministering' did not belong on front page

Re: the May 19 article "Ministering in a brutal land."

I find it difficult to believe that the Arizona Daily Star had this story on the Page 1, Page 4 and Page 5. I sympathize with the poor and downtrodden, but I draw the line at helping people and conspiring with Mexican cartels to eventually bring these illegal people to our country.

This might be a sad story except for the fact that we have many needy people already in our country, and the ones I am speaking of are legal - not illegal.

Mexico, along with some other countries, has been repressed for generation upon generation and the people still put up with it. We already have millions of these people, and there comes a point in time that one country cannot support unlimited amounts of people, especially in this day and age with unlimited economic problems.

Sue Conner

Retired, Tucson

Let's remember what Memorial Day is for

Re: the May 23 guest column "We remember these souls as family, not heroes" in the Northwest section.

Thank you, Gail Bornfield, for your poignant column. The upcoming Memorial Day holiday has taken on new meaning. The usual fun-in-the-sun long weekend has been replaced by the face of my son, the soldier, Capt. Peter Linnerooth, who couldn't subdue the ghosts of his work as an Army psychologist in Iraq and died tragically of a self-inflicted gunshot.

My hope is that your readers will pause for a moment of reflection for those who sacrificed their lives defending the ideals of this nation.

God bless America.

Gayle McMullen

Oro Valley

We owe allegiance to US, not to Arizona

Re: the May 16 article "Arizonans to vote next year on sovereignty issue vs. feds."

So here we go again: Arizona Republicans making a laughingstock out of our state.

I would suggest readers ponder whom they owe allegiance to - the United States or a single state. For the Legislature to be wasting time on unconstitutional legislation - like which federal laws they can accept or decide to ignore - seems to me a violation of one's oath of office to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United states.

Didn't we deal with this in Little Rock in the '50s when Ike sent in troops to enforce a federal court order?

This issue is settled law, and these goofs in Phoenix should just go home or resign if that's all they have to waste taxpayer dollars on.

I owe no allegiance to the state of Arizona. I am a resident of this state, but I am a citizen of the United States.

Donald Shelton