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October 29, 2013 12:00 am

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Re: the Oct. 7 article “7-year-old boy hit in crosswalk on Sunday dies.”

I have a suggestion to help prevent tragedies like the recent one on Speedway and Alvernon. Driver’s license testing should include a much more rigorous eye exam as it seems drivers can’t see pedestrians in crosswalks.

Patricia Roberts

Retired, Tucson

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Why don’t we all reject the dependence on government and turn back to God. With prayer, the promise of Christ cannot be lost. Without prayer the kingdom of heaven cannot be gained.

Charity comes from our heart, not the politicians taking our pocketbooks and using it to buy more votes. The fear of self-reliance for security and safety places us on the plantation of economic slavery and creates an addiction to dependence.

Frank Liebsch

Retired, Sierra Vista


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After 40 years of living in Tucson it is my opinion that a great error occurred when the “weak mayor” form of government was adopted. Young adults ought to organize to revise the law and provide for a strong mayor form of government, providing the mayor with a five-year term and a two-term limit.

I believe that it would attract highly qualified executives from the private sector in the latter part of their working years. A strong executive holding department heads responsible for performance is necessary for effective and efficient operations. A city manager beholden to the council for his job has not been working.

Billy H. Conn

Retired, Tucson


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Re: the Oct. 14 letter to the editor "In Obama, voters elected an amateur."

What have the "pros" in the House of Representatives done? Changed the rules in the middle of the night so only Rep. Eric Cantor or one of his lackeys could bring Senate legislation to the floor of the house. The other pros let Sen. Ted Cruz hijack the democratic process.

Now we have another letter using code words to describe our duly elected president as an amateur. Enough already. I will take President Obama's leadership and steady hand any day over what the "non-amateurs" have done to tear our country apart.

I am glad that President Obama has stood firm and taken on the pros in the Republican Party.

Jim Robinett

Mitigation specialist, Tucson

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Re: the Oct. 23 article "Meeting today on bighorn sheep project."

I read with dismay that the incredibly inhumane transfer of the bighorns to the Catalina Mountains is actually going to happen. Stunning.

Let them live in peace with their already established herds — plucking them out of their environment with helicopters sounds like absolute torture both physically and emotionally. And to what end? They're gone from Tucson because of our rampant grotesque development of that beautiful mountain range. It's an insane plan.

Peg Kazda


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Re: the Oct. 24 article "Merkel complains about US surveillance."

There is no doubt any more that the U.S. government, through the NSA, is spying on friends and foes, and is now hacking also into the mobile phones of one of its closest allies, the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

This has got to stop immediately, and if President Obama has any guts or any values left he should intervene and set new limits on this spying program.

We are losing face all over the world, and instead of being the beacon of freedom and hope, our great nation is turning into an ugly, hysteric, distrustful, frightened and dishonorable country.

I had set my hopes on President Obama as a strong defender of freedom and justice for all, and now see myself deeply deceived.

How can I explain American practices of spying even on its best friends to my German colleagues? This is not friendship, this is outright hostility and imperialism in a high-tech manner.

Albrecht Classen

Professor, Tucson

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