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September 26, 2013 12:00 am

Little ‘amazing progress’ on childhood cancers

Re: the Sept. 18 article “Report: ‘Amazing progress’ as 1 in 23 survive cancer.”

It is unfortunate that no mention was made of childhood cancer, which is the No. 1 cause of death among children, excluding accidents. In Southern Arizona, approximately 60 children a year are diagnosed with cancer.

More than 40,000 children undergo cancer treatment each year in the U.S., where 360,000 childhood-cancer survivors live; two-thirds of them will suffer later effects from the cancer treatment. Unfortunately, we lose about one child a month locally to cancer, but this is apparently not statically significant enough to warrant much attention.

My son battled a brain tumor for seven years before he died at age 11; the grueling treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were not pretty. Neither was his death. In 20 years only one significant new childhood cancer drug has been developed. If this is considered “amazing progress,” our children are in a sorry situation.

Beverley Tidwell

Program director, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation

of Southern Arizona

Migrant’s legal issue is his own doing

Re: the Sept. 5 article “Illegal migrant wants court to grant him a law license.”

I do not usually agree with California rulings, but I must back up the recent ruling on Sergio Garcia. I am to understand Garcia has lived in the United States, illegally, for 20 years and has had the advantages of legal citizenship by obtaining a law degree — yet does not understand the court’s ruling. In all this time did it not occur to him that it would be in his best interest to obtain legal citizenship?

Sue Conner

Retired, Tucson

Where’s logic in these wildlife decisions?

I’m confused. Our wildlife specialists recently murdered (sorry, euthanized) some naughty javelinas because they feared the animals could not survive relocation.

Now they want to import (read: relocate) wild sheep from Yuma to our mountains — then kill any resident lions that might find them tasty. Is there some hidden logic behind this?

Geoffrey Q. Fox

Retired neuroscientist, Tucson

All religions should embrace modern values

Re: the Sept. 3 guest column “Islam is being distorted like other faiths have been.”

The author says Islam has been “perverted … by the various tribal societies that have adopted it.” What is the pure, undistorted Islam? If it is based on its holy books, then many acts of violence and intolerance are justified. The Koran repeatedly says that nonbelievers are despised, cursed by God and should be fought against. This is despite the other passages calling for charity and peace.

Islamic doctrine maintains that the Quran is the infallible, unchanging word of Allah, and it seems that most Muslims in the Middle East, not just the fanatics, adhere to that belief. The Bible also has many inconsistencies and images of a sometimes angry, sadistic God. And centuries ago, Christians did horrible things in the name of their religion. But this is the 21st century. All religions should respond to modern, secular, evolving, humanistic values, not base their actions on books with contradictory messages written thousands of years ago.

Peter Bourque

Retired teacher, Tucson

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