Let compassion

be our compass

Re: the March 24 letter to the editor “On the cusp of great things, madness.”

The letter writer notes that ours is an age of scientific advances as well as of hatred and violence, including violence in the name of religion. He asks whether science or prayer is the surer route to peace and prosperity.

Recent science shows that humans have evolved remarkable capacities for tolerance and cooperation, and that these capacities are associated with peace, prosperity and happiness. But science by itself does not tell us which qualities we “should” exhibit or how to cultivate these “good” qualities rather than hatred and violence.

Although the worst of human tendencies often are cloaked in religious guise, so are the best tendencies. We can achieve peace and happiness by following the example of spiritual leaders who practice compassion and tolerance.

Mary V. Price

Scientist, Tucson

Local business climate

has the image it deserves

Re: the March 23 editorial “It’s time to fix area’s business-unfriendly image.”

A business-unfriendly image?

First, there’s this newspaper, which is widely called the “Red” Star and features a cartoonist who regularly pokes his finger in business interests’ eye.

Second is a dysfunctional city government that has been dominated by liberal Democrats for decades, featuring a dysfunctional Rio Nuevo and a $200 million trolley to nowhere.

Third is a movement, which was even reported by the The Economist magazine, for Southern Arizona to secede from the state.

Let’s face it, Tucson’s image as being unfriendly to business is not just an image. It is a fact.

Keith Ambs

Retired, Tucson

Picture Rocks Road ‘improved’ to death

For many years I’ve used Picture Rocks Road on the way to my home in Avra Valley. Recently crews have been working there, painting bright white stripes along the edges and yellow ones in the center, which is fine and good.

Not content with this, they’ve added numerous huge yellow caution signs at each curve, in addition to the adequate number already there. And even some solar-powered flashing yellow lights at a few. Pull-outs where people could park and take a stroll in the area have been blocked off with huge, white “no parking” signs and innumerable white stakes.

Yes, this is now Saguaro National Park, but to me this is bureaucratic overkill and a waste of taxpayer dollars. What was once a beautiful drive through pristine desert has been trashed — “improved” to death.

Robert Huebsch

Musician, Tucson

Say bye to Rosemont

if Tesla factory comes

Clearly, Tucson has to do everything in its power to make sure Tesla builds a battery factory here. Tucson needs to make Tesla an offer they can’t refuse! With 6,500 jobs, we can tell Rosemont — with their paltry offer of a few hundred jobs — to go back to Canada.

I’m not too keen on giving away a natural resource to a foreign entity. Has anyone thought Rosemont is willing to spend millions so they can make how much more? What exactly will be Rosemont’s return on investment? What does Tucson get for its investment?

Tesla locating in Tucson would save our water, stop a giant hole from being dug, protect our public-owned land, keep our air clean and be a huge boost to our economy.

I still won’t be able to afford one of Tesla’s cars, but I can live with that.

Ron Mayfield

Retired, Tucson

A UA fan’s thoughts

on who stays, goes

I have lived here for 26 years and have followed the basketball teams avidly. I am particularly interested this year in the futures of freshmen Aaron Gordon and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

It pains me to see that one or both may end up being one-and-out players. They are both super-talented, but I would hope they would look at the progress that Nick Johnson and Kaleb Tarczewski have made from one year to the next under the great coaching from Sean Miller and staff.

Both freshmen have flaws in their games, which could be corrected by another year under Coach Miller. Of course, I have no idea of the financial situation of their families, which is always very important as to whether a player stays or goes.

I hate to say it, but I believe Nick Johnson is fully ready for the NBA and should go this year.

Richard W. Newman

Retired, Tucson

Refund the tax money I’ve sunk into PCC

Re: the March 22 article “PCC prohibited for 60 days from enrolling military vets.”

As a property owner in Pima County I am extremely disappointed with the problems at Pima Community College.

It appears my tax dollars, about 9 percent of my most recent tax bill, are being wasted.

If the Department of Veterans Affairs can sanction this system, then we as property owners in the county should have the same option.

To the powers that be that control the funding, I am asking for a portion of my tax dollars back. I have much better uses for the money than to waste it on an educational system that cannot meet basic standards.

Joel Sigel

Retired, Oro Valley