DC shooter’s access

to guns boggles mind

Re: the Sept. 17 article “Motive for rampage at Navy Yard unclear.”

Although I do not disagree with the right to bear arms in certain circumstances such as defense, I am having difficulty understanding why a man who previously shot another man’s tires in an anger-fueled “blackout” possessed any firearms. For this, there is no logical explanation, no constitutional argument. It is merely stupidity and negligent application of common sense. Does anybody remember common sense?

Katrina Millsquip

Office manager, Tucson

About that guy with concealed-carry permit

Thank goodness one of the people at the scene of the Navy Yard shooting had a concealed-carry permit from the state of Texas. Gun owners who can qualify for a concealed-carry permit are by definition “good guys with a gun.” Who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t been there?

Something far worse, no doubt. Oh ... it was the guy with the license who was doing the shooting? Fancy that.

Mike Morrison


Hand of ALEC is all over US, including AZ

Re: the Aug. 20 editorial “ALEC’s backers run and hide from Durbin inquiry.”

It’s about time that ALEC is put under the microscope for the bills that it has initiated in legislatures across the country. It’s no coincidence that 39 states have either passed some of these bills or tried to. Here is a small example of what they have pushed for: stand-your-ground, for-profit education model, right-to-work laws, tort reform and voter ID.

Sound familiar? In the Arizona Legislature alone there are 18 current House members and 16 Senate members named as supporters of ALEC in Source Watch.

Our legislators should not rely on ALEC to tell them what bills to propose or pass. They should leave that up to the citizens of Arizona.

Clyde R. Steele

Retired, SaddleBrooke

A lot of people have valid points on F-35

Re: the Aug. 26 letter to the editor “Why we must base the F-35 here.”

The arrogance of this letter writer pretty much assumes that his 26 years in the Air Force make him the educated authority on the F-35 issue. I would like to point out that there are many other educated views in this community regarding the issue and that the tenuous economic arguments by F-35 supporters are not the only factors in the discussion.

Nor are there any supporting facts for the “untold devastation to our city” if we don’t base the F-35 here. What we don’t need in this discussion is individuals telling others to shut up. We have equal and probably as valid of points to make as why the F-35 should not be based in Tucson. I live in the midtown area and have a fairly good understanding of jet noise.

John Weeks