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September 16, 2013 12:00 am

A change came over

javelina herd

My family lives in the neighborhood where the javelina attacks and killings took place. Previous letters make it sound like those of us living here sit around waiting to feed the herd. This neighborhood has lived in harmony with our native wildlife for many years and never had a problem with any of these animals.

Something changed in the javelina herd about six months ago. Perhaps they outgrew the native food supply and started going after the garbage bins. They had no fear of humans, attacking one neighbor and threatening several others. It wasn’t safe to go out in our front yards after dark anymore.

I had hoped the herd would have been relocated, but that was not the case. We are hoping the city will move our trash pickup to an afternoon schedule, which might help prevent future problems.

Kerry Swindle

Family physician, Tucson

Nuisance animals

can’t be allowed

Controlling javelinas that attack people in our neighborhoods is necessary. To the government agencies that deal with animal issues, I say, “Thank you.” Allowing nuisance animals to roam in our neighborhoods, whether they are wild or feral, is a disgrace to our good common sense. Yes, feral horses need to go to the slaughterhouse, and yes, animal shelters should require a sensible euthanasia program.

If you can acquire a disease from pond water, what do you think are your chances from being bitten by nuisance animals?

Practical decisions are the result of critical thinking rather than heartfelt sympathy.

Doug Wood

Retired, Green Valley

UHS standards:

Don’t mess with success

Re: the Sept. 11 article “UHS entrance requirements studied.”

Wow, basing admission to an academically award-winning high school based on motivation and desire. What a concept. Where was this when I was trying to make my way in the world? I was always motivated, but pure motivation and desire by itself never got me anywhere. Funny how hard work and a certain amount of native intelligence did.

My mom had a saying she would use when people would say those who were successful were lucky: “It’s amazing that the harder you work the luckier you get.”

I don’t agree with dumbing down the University High School standards for any reason. As soon as we do, I guarantee the status of the school will decay. The entrance requirements have been extremely successful as evidenced by UHS’s academic standing. Don’t mess with success. Keep standards high and a certain number of people will rise to the challenge.

Walter A. Kniaz

Retired, Tucson

Motivation points

for UHS are a good idea

Re: the Sept. 11 article “UHS entrance requirements studied.”

University High School is Tucson’s gem. The news of its attempt to raise the percentage of Hispanic and black students without lowering its academic standards is most welcome. May I suggest that the motivation point be applied to all ethnic groups based on household incomes below certain level? Our society has persistently kept nonwhites in lower economic levels.

I strongly suspect that the average household income of past and current UHS students, since its Special Project days, would exceed the average household income of the school district. If that were true, then applying the motivation point to students from families of household incomes lower than the existing UHS average would make the economic distribution as well as the ethnic distribution among the incoming class closer to those of the district.

Ke Chiang Hsieh

Parent of two UHS graduates, Tucson

Ina-Oracle ‘loony left’

must prove itself

Re: the Sept. 6 article “Ina-Oracle gets ‘Michigan loony’ left.”

Excellent, truthful headline on the Ina-Oracle “Michigan loony” left. New traffic lights and intersections will, at certain specific times, create different congestion patterns. For $5 million, well-meaning engineers (who probably don’t use the intersection) have created “Arizona loonies.”

If this experiment does not work well, I hope Pima County supervisors and the Arizona Department of Transportation will abandon most of this project.

Thank you and reporter Joe Ferguson.

William H. Slocum

Retired, Tucson

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