Political reality spurs bipartisanship, at last

Re: the Jan. 29 article "Immigration overhaul gets key Senate support."

It was striking to note the stark contrast of state Rep. Steve Smith's proposed legislation to require hospitals to verify citizenship, and Sen. John McCain's endorsement of major immigration reform, both stories appearing on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star.

Of course McCain understands the enormity of the November election loss by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, punctuated by their defeat in both Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

Even though a common-sense approach to immigration reform has been long in coming, the political reality of the election and any hopes of a future Republican rapprochement with Latinos is finally forcing bipartisan agreement.

Jim Waldo

Retired, Green Valley

Carol Burnett's Tucson audience let her down

Re: the Jan. 28 article "Burnett keeps audience intrigued with TV tales, comic answers."

The Carol Burnett show Saturday night highlighted the actress's immense talent and knack for being ever the classy lady.

I must say I was highly disappointed with the audience. Tucson, we can do better than this. The questions from the audience were self-centered and added nothing to the evening. How sad.

My hand was raised nearly the entire show. I wish I had been able to ask my question: "Ms. Burnett, you have lived such a fairly tale life. If you could relive one moment of it again, either because it was so wonderful, or because you'd like to do it differently, what moment would you choose?"

That would have made her think, and I'm quite sure her answer would have entertained us all.

We love you, Ms. Burnett!

Melissa Griebel

Social worker, Tucson

Rape is serious threat to military women

Re: the Jan. 28 tucsoncitizen.com editorial "Female troops have long been in harm's way."

The author has a remarkably cavalier attitude toward rape of U.S. military women. Join Todd Aiken!

Women in all branches of the U.S. military are at greater risk of rape from their male fellow soldiers, Marines, sailors or Air Force than they are from any enemy combatants.

The high rate of rape of military women in all branches of the U.S. armed forces is a disgrace to their commanders, who condone it by their silence and obvious disinclination to make any effort to sanction the perpetrators.

It has been widely reported in the press that military women who report rape are punished while their rapists escape any punishment.

Rape is a "risk" for women in combat? How about first dealing with the risks or rape incurred just by becoming a member of the U.S. Armed Services?

Patricia A. McKnight

Retired UA faculty, Tucson

How awful to print opinionated columnist

Re: the Jan. 28 letter to the editor "Krauthammer pairs well with comics page."

Newspaper editorial pages are also referred to as opinion pages.

With that in mind, I'd like to comment on the letter writer's assertion that conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer is "way too opinionated" for the readers of the Arizona Daily Star to take seriously.

The horrors!

An opinion columnist who's "too opinionated!" Perhaps the letter writer would prefer columnists who are "less opinionated."

They could begin their columns with a disclaimer that states "I don't care very much about this issue one way or the other but I'm going to write a column about it anyway."

I'm sure that would be fun, exciting reading.

Norm Ehler

Insurance damage appraiser, Tucson