PCC board should pay for its own training

Re: the July 29 article "Besieged PCC board to get new training."

I encourage all members of the Pima Community College Board to attend personal development workshops to further enhance their skill sets. I do, however, believe that each member of the board should bring to the job the skills necessary to make informed decisions. The allocation of public money to train board members who do not have or do not demonstrate the skills necessary to perform their duties is not the answer. Board members in need of personal development should pay for their own training before or after they resign.

Tom Danger


Resigning is the answer for the PCC board

Re: the July 29 article "Besieged PCC board to get new training."

Another waste of money: Pima Community College Board to spend $30,000 on learning to properly do its job. I hope they plan on paying out of their own pockets, or still better just resign and let someone else do the job who already knows how to manage. What a waste this board is.

Don C. Real

Retired, Tucson

Ike saw it coming: Military takeover of US

I don't know why it's so shocking that the Egyptian military has overthrown the government. It happened here more than 50 years ago, shortly after President Eisenhower gave his speech predicting it. Maybe not the military per se, but it absolutely was the military-industrial complex. Look at where practically every single one of the top military people go after they retire - straight to the defense industry. These folks run the military and they run the country.

It's laughable to condemn Egypt for doing something we have condoned for over 50 years.

Matteo Dinero


Iraq seems a lost cause because of the GOP

Re: the July 17 article "Violent Ramadan stoking fears of an Iraq slipping into chaos."

It is so frustrating to read these reports about Iraq since so many experts had warned the Bush government about those very dangers. The Muslim world is apparently in the same historical stage as Europe was in the 16th and 17th centuries, with Protestants and Catholics fighting each other most brutally. At least the Obama administration has been careful about Syria, another chaotic situation.

All those "conservative" interventionists should finally learn a lesson and make us stay out of those crazy battlegrounds. Strange how the "conservatives" of today always care more about how we could play world police instead of taking care of our own people, i.e., be a little more conservative. At this point Iraq seems to be a lost cause and Afghanistan will follow next. Great job, Republicans!

Albrecht Classen

UA professor, Tucson

Martin was a victim, not a villain

From news accounts it is obvious that on the night of Feb. 26, 2012, George Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon Martin in flagrant disregard of police instructions. The notion that Zimmerman was standing his ground, while ignoring his stalking that led to confrontation, is patently absurd.

It is called neighborhood watch and not "neighborhood police" for good reason. The legitimate function of members is to observe and report suspicious activity to police. Watch members have no license to pursue, stalk, confront or apprehend suspects. It was Zimmerman's presumption of authority he did not have that led to the death of Trayvon Martin. Martin was the victim, not the villain.

Joseph L. McNully

Retired, Oro Valley

Zimmerman, Martin both made bad choices

Society has been radically divided by the Martin-Zimmerman trial. Unfortunately it's along racial lines. Most people say Zimmerman shouldn't have gotten out of his car, or he shouldn't have had a gun. Martin would not have been there had he not been suspended from school. In our justice system, defendants cannot be convicted on "would have," "should have" or "could have," but only with proven evidence. People forget that jurors were chosen by both the defense and the prosecuting attorneys. Both sides made their best choices for a hopeful victory. It was a series of bad choices by both people involved, with a tragic result.

Jim Kelly


Focus on troops in Afghanistan

Barack Obama, John McCain, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others need to worry less about Trayvon Martin and worry more about our valuable young men and women who are being killed and mutilated in Afghanistan every day.

Vernon Stedronsky

Retired, Tucson

Using e-cigarettes is not smoking, period

Re: the July 19 article "TUSD considers e-cigarettes ban."

Boiling of liquid to vapor is not incineration. E-cigarette use is not smoking. The chemicals in tobacco are not tobacco. The consumption of those chemicals is not smoking. If e-cigarettes assist true smokers in the stopping of actual smoking, that should supported. "E-cigarette" is a misnomer. They are nicotine-delivery devices. You also would need to ban nicotine gum. Be prepared to ban caffeine-delivery devices also if you go down this path.

Joel Lohr

Operations manager, Tucson