Christian principles should be taught

I recently listened to a father of a Newtown, Conn., school murder victim. The father pointed out many common-sense principles that are lacking in our nation today. For most, the lack of civility. The father also pointed out the promotion of violence in all aspects of our life today in contrast to his childhood.

Thomas Jefferson, although not a believer in the New Testament miracles of Jesus Christ, still professed in a speech at The College of William and Mary that the principles of Christ must be taught in public schools as well as to the Indian tribes.

Everyone was not Christian, but all still adhered to the principles of the 10 Commandments. Without principles taught, eventually all civility disappears.

Religion is fine, say the secularists, as long as it remains a private affair and does not spill over into the areas of morality, education, and politics. But this is not American history.

Peter Stotzheim


Let's require training for gun owners

Here's a suggestion that both the "gun rights" and the "ban guns" people might be able to agree with:

Require anybody who wishes to purchase a firearm to first pass a uniform test, administered by the government, demonstrating knowledge of, and proficiency in, the safe use of firearms, much as we now require a driver's test administered by the government for anyone wishing to obtain a license to drive an automobile.

By doing so, we'll at least be able to impress upon everybody that the public's interest in the ability of individuals to use firearms safely is at least as serious a matter as is driving an automobile.

A requirement to pass a test arguably may be in full accordance with the Second Amendment.

If the nation is to have an armed militia, the members of that militia necessarily must be trained in the use of their weapons.

Raymond O. P. Farrish

Professor emeritus, University of Connecticut, Oro Valley

Automated cars will change many things

Your article on the automation of automobiles, trucks and buses bringing about job losses for thousands who earn their living driving something is only the tip of the iceberg.

Theoretically there would be no more car accidents, or drunken drivers (only drunken riders). The legal, medical and auto insurance professions would be severely impacted. Imagine no personal injury or DUI cases from auto accidents. No need for car insurance. (I guess the insurance companies could start insuring firearms.) ERs would lose half their patients. Free from auto accidents, the population would certainly explode.

We survived the loss of the horse; we'll survive this, too. It's the future!

Ginia Desmond


Our hunting laws aim to protect species

Re: the Jan. 31 letter to the editor "Congratulations to bighorn hunter."

The young man has reason to be proud of his taking this fine specimen. His efforts are exactly what Arizona Game and Fish policy states: the management, preservation and harvesting of wildlife. The AG&F Commission makes rules and regulations for managing, conserving and protecting wildlife for the citizens of Arizona.

Why would AG&F approve the taking of such a specimen? The answer is the preservation and growth of the bighorn herds. Breeding in these herds is restricted by the dominance of older rams over the younger more aggressive breeders. AG&F determines annually what needs to be done to each of the species it manages.

This young man had to complete a gun safety class. He and his father worked very hard to even find this animal, let alone succeed as they did.

It's not the thrill of the kill; it's the thrill of the hunt.

David Combs

Retired logistical consultant, Tucson

Applauding Kozachik's strength of character

When I went to college, I embraced the Republican Party. The "fire-in-the-belly" image was necessary for a career-oriented young college student. Now that I have grown up and can see the society that we live in, I embrace the Democrat Party.

I don't believe in going down with the ship, as our conservative friends are wont to do. I applaud Councilman Kozachik for his conviction and strength of character.

Jerry Gary

Owner, White Hat Elevator & Lift Co., Tucson