News from around state shows crAZiness

With the insane news pouring out of Arizona, why would anyone come?

There was the SB1070 “anti-immigrant bill” encouraging racial profiling, and SB1062, “the anti-gay bill” meant to refuse service to gays and lesbians.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is profiling, pursuing and jailing “illegals” but neglecting to investigate 400 cases of child abuse.

Tom Horne, Arizona’s Attorney General accused of using staff and state resources to promote his election and violations of campaign law.

Andrew Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney, disbarred for unwarranted criminal charges and investigations against his political enemies.

John Huppenthal, the Superintendent of Schools blogging under “Falcon9” posting racist comments and calling people on public assistance “lazy pigs.”

Paul Babeu, the Pinal County Sheriff, informing the citizens of Oracle that a bus with illegal immigrant children was coming through town. No bus arrived but the crowd, including Arizona Representative from Oro Valley, Adam Kwansman, followed a YMCA bus with American kids, with Kwansman reporting he saw the fear on their faces.

Can’t spell “crazy” without AZ.

Vicki Hart

Counselor, Tucson

Sun Tran is providing exceptional service

I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a car, gas, and insurance. Sometimes however that car is in the shop and alternative transportation options are necessary.

I took advantage of our Sun Tran bus system today and I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased a bus pass from my local grocery store, and caught a cross-town express during rush hour.

The bus arrived on time, and along with 12 other cross-town riders, we boarded a clean, efficient, quiet and cool bus. The driver and my fellow riders were courteous and helpful. The entire ride took 35 minutes and seemed much shorter.

People complain about the new Sun Link system and its cost, but we are blessed to have such a clean efficient system here and options for those without personal transportation. Thank you Sun Tran for your exceptional service.

Doug Burke

Publisher, Oro Valley

‘Small gov’t’ legislators

desire to control us

Re: the July 24 article “Hundreds of new AZ laws kick in today.”

I read about the Arizona Legislature “gifting” us with a set of new laws to live by. These are the same folks who believe in “small government” yet tell us we can’t be trusted with decongestants and cough syrups, but at the same time, guns are OK almost everywhere. Is anyone following the logic behind this other than their endless desire to control people?

Alan Barreuther

Pharmacist, Tucson

Releasing fixed cats not a good idea

Re: the July 25 article “Fix-and-release program for feral cats is proposed.”

Trapping, sterilizing, and vaccinating feral and “free-roaming” cats is wonderful and I certainly hope it is supported by everyone.

However, releasing these cats back to their homeless environment is not good.

I have two rescue cats that went through this process and I found each of them outside my apartment complex at separate times starving and looking for food.

I fed each of them twice a day outside until I humanely trapped them. Both cats came from the same area but there was nothing for them to hunt. The article says that the cats are problem critters. The cats aren’t the problem; it is the people who let their cats have kitten after kitten with no responsibility towards the animals who are the problem. It is the people who throw these animals away like trash who are the problem.

Elayne Fasman

Program assistant, Tucson