Hoping to hang on to vote against Flake

I am an 80-year-old Tucson native. I voted for Jeff Flake for Senate because I thought he was for gun control. I am very disappointed that he did not vote for background checks. I guess he wants the crooks and the nuts to be armed.

I have to wait until I'm 86 to vote against Jeff Flake. If I don't make it, I'll have to get an absentee ballot sent to heaven, if I make it.

Sue Bartholomew

Retired, Tucson

Little has changed on motorcycle helmets

Re: the June 1 article "Study: Health claims rise after helmet laws are eased."

After reading the story about motorcycle helmet laws, I remembered a report from the head trauma nurse at a Tucson hospital. He was a member of Citizens for Arizona Traffic Safety.

At one of our regular monthly meetings he reported on statistics he'd kept on motorcycle wrecks. The most telling was this: The majority of helmet wearers had insurance while most non-helmet riders had none.

The Arizona Legislature was afraid to pass any restrictive motorcycle law out of fear that the steps of the Capitol would be filled with irate riders. CATS was closed down about 25 years ago after several years of failing to get traffic legislation passed that we believed would save lives.

Jerry Pulliam

Former CATS officer, Green Valley

Something's missing from El Rio story

Re: the June 2 article "GCU still interested despite El Rio rebuff."

Why does the Daily Star devote a Sunday front page background story on Grand Canyon University's benefits to Tucson but not to why the City Council rejected its bid for El Rio? Regina Romero's only response is her constituents opposed it and the other members bought the rejection.

If GCU's benefits to the whole city are accurate, why should one ward be able to lead rejection of the proposal? Does one ward dictate the economic and social development benefiting the whole city? Are there other reasons not disclosed that could provide answers? What are we missing?

Brad Stroup

Retired business consultant, Tucson

'Captain' Al Melvin should move to Texas

Re: the June 3 guest column "Debunking the myths against tort reform."

While I can partly agree with state Sen. Al Melvin on the need for a thoughtful review of tort reform, I was struck by his apparent fondness for Texas.

I think Sen. Melvin - or Captain Al, as we on the northwest side know him - should move from Arizona to Texas. That civic-minded act could possibly raise the average IQ of both states.

Warren Lynn

Retired military, Tucson

Teachers are our unsung heroes

Re: the June 2 column "Some days, teachers are first responders."

Teachers finally get the recognition they deserve thanks to Bonnie Henry's column. Many of the problems our society faces are often blamed on poor teachers; never lack of support by parents and administrations or inadequate funding leading to loss of school counselors.

Teachers are underappreciated heroes of our educational system.

Sandi Bunker

Retired, Tucson

Respect Oval Office, if not the occupant

Re: the June 2 letter to the editor "Criticism of Obama about policies, agenda."

I agree with the letter writer that Democrats attacked President Bush throughout his two terms. I regret to say that I was among those who did, although I never stooped to comparing him to Hitler. He was an embarrassment to me, particularly in his inability to string two coherent sentences together in English. I believe his administration will be remembered as the worst in the history of our country.

However, I should have respected the office of the president, if not the individual occupying it. I apologize for that and promise you that no matter who is elected in 2016, I will respect the decision the American people have made.

I ask those of you on the other sides to resolve to do the same. We have to stop this behavior or there won't be a United States of America, which I believe we all love despite our ideological differences.

Anne Lane

Retired teacher, Tucson

US must shut Gitmo or live in shame

Re: the June 4 article "House GOP measure rebuffs Obama bid to shut down Gitmo."

Until we close Guantanamo we will not be rid of the shame of Abu Ghraib and enhanced interrogation. Nor can we be respected as a leader in human rights.

The time is now.

Maggie Ramlow

Green Valley

Grand Canyon U. would have been a plus

Re: the June 4 guest column "Romero picked wrong cause, wrong time with El Rio college plan."

As a small-business owner on St. Mary's Road, we are less than a mile away from the El Rio Golf Course, and I think that Grand Canyon University would have been very good for our neighborhood. The development on that site would have created many jobs and more business for restaurant owners like me. I have spoken with other restaurants in the area, and many of them feel the same way.

The economy is hurting in Tucson. We deserve the same improvements and investments as any other part of the city. I have run my business here for years and was disappointed that people in our neighborhood spoke for all of the area when they said no to this idea. There is another golf course on Silverbell Road.

Belen Garcia

La Fresita restaurant, Tucson