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January 05, 2014 12:00 am

Let’s have some

passion from Obama

My hope for 2014 is that President Obama finally lives up to the expectations of the Democratic Party. Not one step back on health care or immigration reform, and hopefully a new- found urgency for common-sense gun control and income equality. It’s time for some passion from the president — his party is tired of waiting.

Dennis Rivera

Retired, Tucson

2 reasons for decline

in homicides overlooked

Re: the Jan. 1 article “Tucson homicide rate dipped slightly in 2013.”

Two obvious factors that reporter Patrick McNamara neglected to include in the probable reasons for declining murder rates nationwide are the greatly expanded issuance in most states of concealed-carry licenses and the passage in many states of “stand your ground” laws.

The latter no longer requires that victims of a crime retreat from an attacker before being justified in using force to defend themselves. If criminals live in a state where there is concealed carry and “stand your ground,” then they just might think twice before committing that violent assault.

Additionally, the issuance of concealed carry licenses has not caused greater violence from those responsible, law-abiding citizens who do carry. As for the homicides committed here in Tucson, a disproportionate number involve Hispanics, both as victims and suspects. Most are gang- and drug-related. We never are told by the local media how many of the homicides involve illegal immigrants.

David Burford

Retired, Tucson

Education cutbacks

threaten workforce

As the new year begins, Arizona is 43rd in the nation in education. According to a Phoenix Morrison Institute for Public Policy poll, 64 percent of Arizonans said the state doesn’t spend enough on the public school system and 50 percent believe more should be spent on kindergarten through middle school.

Arizona is below the national average in educational attainment, and there is a definite link between a skilled workforce and economic viability. The Legislature seems not to understand that as evidenced in their cuts made to public education. What kind of workforce is Arizona looking at for the future?

Jerry Lujan

Retired, SaddleBrooke

No mass shootings

by ‘skinheads,’ ‘cultists’

Re: the Dec. 30 guest column “Skinheads, anti-government cultists embrace NRA’s paranoid message.”

Sad that the Star chose to run this column wherein the author rambled on and on about the aforementioned groups and the need for gun control.

Maybe someone can remind me which of the recent mass shootings were perpetrated by any members of the groups she maligned throughout her piece. Or maybe it was just the Star throwing red meat to their followers.

Mike Gardner

Project manager, Oro Valley

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