Column fails to see other side of tragedy

Re: the Oct. 13 column “In Tucson, lives of walkers, bicyclists are cheap.”

I’m thoroughly disgusted with columnist Tim Steller’s misguided perception that the lost lives are only valued by the penalty imposed by the authorities. Having lived with someone who has struck a pedestrian, I know the utter horror of the other side. Steller has become judge, jury and executioner in his article, plain and simple.

The drivers in these incidents will carry this guilt with them for the remainder of their lives, always knowing they killed someone. It’s a hefty price to pay.

I wasn’t there for any of these incidents so I’ll never truly know what took place, but I do know that I couldn’t see years in prison being a fitting punishment for someone’s son or daughter making one life-changing mistake without any malice at all.

David Russell

Management professional, Tucson

Congress trying to stop socialist spending

Re: the Oct. 16 letter to the editor “ Congress, not Obama, to blame for crisis.”

I had to laugh after reading this letter blaming Congress for the shutdown. Really? Congress has the final say on spending our money: They were doing their job.

How can the letter writer shift blame when his president — now in his fifth year — has run this country without a budget. It starts with leadership, or lack thereof.

Congress is trying to stop the bleeding of the socialist spending for bigger government. Only voters who want government to run their lives would agree.

By the way, unlike the writer, I am not a consultant. I am a former business owner because of local government. Imagine what it is like on the national level.

Mike Schaub

Sales, Tucson

Time to get spending under control

I’m glad to see that the squabbling preschoolers in Washington have finally acted on restarting the government, even if it was only a stalling measure until 2014. Now, if only they would do their jobs and settle this issue once and for all, with a balanced budget, control of federal spending and living within our means.

It’s absurd that we keep raising the borrowing limit so we can give money to other countries when we can’t even manage things at home. It’s obvious that our system is broken when our elected officials won’t act in the best interests of those who elected them., and the only ones who can fix the system are the very ones who have no interest in doing so.

But, as Dennis Miller would say, “That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.”

Jim Preston

Urgent-care physician, Oro Valley

Support for shutdown, GOP is way off mark

Re: the Oct. 18 letter to the editor “Yes, GOP should do whatever it takes.”

In defending the tea-party shutdown of our government that cost our economy $24 billion, the letter writer declares she expects the Republicans to do everything possible to push back and reverse the damage done by the Affordable Care Act.

She is apparently unaware that there are two constitutionally provided means for attaining her goals: the ballot box and the legislative process. Nowhere does our Constitution mention anarchy as a viable means.

She also declares that Obama’s leadership “is terrible.” Apparently, for an example of superior leadership, she would have us reflect upon the presidency of George W. Bush (the greatest intellectual lightweight to occupy the White House since Warren G. Harding), who put us into two trillion-dollar wars (one under completely false pretenses) and whose policies of deregulation of financial institutions plunged us into the Great Recession.

Thomas Sanders

Professional fundraiser, Tucson