GOP should stop ruining our democracy

Republican extremists have succeeded at shutting down the government and forcing hundreds of thousands of people out of work. They have succeeded at creating chaos and fear among many Americans, hurting both small business and their employees. Maybe they will cause a default and ruin our economy. All this because they don’t like who we voted for president or the legislation that was passed.

Maybe next time a Republican is president the Democrats can shut down the government until they get gun control or perhaps to void a tax cut for the rich. Great way to ruin a democracy. Republicans should focus on winning an election — not on destroying the success of the current president.

Pat Manion

Retired, Tucson

Government goes overboard on shutdown

This administration is inflicting as much unnecessary pain as possible with its vindictive reaction to the government shutdown. WWII veterans are prevented admittance to their memorial, tourists are blocked from taking pictures of Mount Rushmore from outside the park, an attempt to close Mount Vernon was made though it is owned by a private foundation (the adjacent parking lot on federal land is closed), on Lake Mead homeowners are evicted from their property on federal land, small businesses near national parks may face bankruptcy — and the list goes on. These theatrics are sophomoric and a blatant display of power play partisanship.

Penny MacArthur


Barber should apologize for his actions

Re: the Oct. 9 article “Shutdown aside, S. Arizona vets find welcome at WW II Memorial.”

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber’s statement during his meeting with veterans at the WWII Memorial was inexcusable. He said, “I was going to be here just in case we had to storm the barriers together.” The National Park Service is having enough difficulty carrying out its responsibilities under the shutdown without our congressman advocating civil disobedience and lawbreaking acts. I hope Congressman Barber is man enough to apologize to the director of the National Park Service and to his constituents for his actions and statements.

Bill Wade

Retired National Park

Service manager, Tucson

Congress, not Obama, to blame for crisis

The fiscal crisis in Washington is in the Congress, of the Congress and by the Congress. Like the president or not, he does not write the acts of Congress and he cannot sign what they do not pass. Government operations must continue, budget or no budget, and all spending is by appropriation, i.e., act of Congress signed by the president.

Simply halting spending does not save any money — collection activities also depend on spending, so revenue is lost, and lawfully mandated activities must be shut down at some expense and restarted, at further expense. A “shutdown” for lack of continuing resolution just costs more while delivering fewer government services. The speaker of the House signs acts of Congress that have passed both houses and are being sent to the president. It is not the president with whom the speaker must negotiate, it is the leadership of the Senate.

David P. Vernon

Independent management

consultant, Tucson

S. Tucson off base

on animal protection

Re: the Oct. 9. editorial “South Tucson’s law protecting racing dogs should stand.”

I find it utterly reprehensible and unconscionable that a government agency is seeking to destroy animal protection measures legally approved and so long overdue for a 21st-century society. It is an egregious insult to the citizens of South Tucson that this issue was even allowed the time of day at a council meeting with so many other urgent matters mandating the council’s attention. Get evolved, Arizona!

Dona LaSchiava

Client services, Tucson