Mayor’s 5 T’s vision a positive for city

Re: the Jan. 5 guest column “Five T’s can create jobs and a bright future for Tucson.”

Felicitaciones to Mayor Roths-child for his guest column. His economic development strategy of “five T’s” clearly plays up Tucson’s strengths and culture while minimizing damage to its residents and our unique environment.

It promotes a modern Tucson, moving beyond simple exploitation and environmental degradation, damaging the lives of many. It sure beats that Phoenix model. Adelante, Tucson!

Robin Gomez

Small-business owner, Tucson

Tired of columnist’s criticism of Republicans

Re: the Jan. 9 column “My bathroom scale must be a Republican.”

In the column, Sarah Garrecht Gassen immediately refers to Al Melvin as a misguided Arizona tea-party conservative. Melvin, according to historians, misquoted Abraham Lincoln. The column is concluded with “Don’t use my name to try to justify your short-sighted, greed-fueled selfish ‘Republican’ ideology.”

Sarah loves to characterize people of the conservative tea-party as greedy, selfish people. As a child in the Depression, we never had food stamps or unemployment benefits. When my father was laid off from the railroad, he hooked a freight train to work in the Dakota wheat fields.

We pinched every penny to save our home. There were many items that were deemed necessary that we managed to do without. We were conservative and self-reliant. I would love Sarah to once write about the many lies of the president that she conveniently ignores, not mistakes. This country is in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars. Sarah’s answer would be “just keep spending.”

Peter Stotzheim

Retired, Tucson

Melvin’s remarks are truly offensive

Re: the Jan. 11 letter to the editor “Gassen’s column insulting and divisive.”

I’m sorry that the letter writer took offense at Sarah Garrecht Gassen’s column. But as long as she thinks that the column was offensive, insulting, juvenile and divisive, here are some of the things that are offensive and insulting to me — Al Melvin’s statements.

Melvin has said that our president was elected because our K-12 education system has failed us. He has said he knows where all the Democrats live because he doesn’t see an American flag flying. Since I’m an independent, have a K-12 education and don’t fly the flag, I found these remarks offensive, insulting, juvenile and divisive.

I think the best thing at this point is for Garrecht Gassen to take a tip from former Sen. Jon Kyl’s playbook and just say that her remarks were not intended to be a factual statement. But, of course, the paper is not the Congressional Record.

Clyde Steele

Retired printer, SaddleBrooke

Create separate, safe fund for public schools

It’s that time when we write a check to our favorite public, private or religious-affiliated school for a direct credit on our state income tax. Why the allowed donation to a public institution is considerably less than private or religious is beyond my comprehension.

If this money were to go to the state and placed in a separate public school fund, not to be used for anything else, the results would improve public education. On a national basis, it would move Arizona from the bottom and at least move it to the middle in a ranking of the 50 states.

Between our weather and an improved educational rating, this would attract more industry and commerce to consider our state a place to bring high-paying jobs. We need a vibrant economy to attract and hold on to our educated youth. Today, most new jobs require educated people who are ready and able to attack new challenges.

The Legislature can make the change, but funds must go to a public-education lockbox.

Jim Sullivan

Retired, Tucson

It’s unlikely Christie didn’t know

Re: the Jan. 10 article “No-nonsense image in peril for Christie.”

I have worked for several Democratic governors in my home state of Minnesota and with governors of both parties across the country during my political career working for national officeholders. Staffers don’t do anything if they don’t think they are reflecting the governor’s wishes. To act in a contrary way is a sure way to get fired. Any significant act cannot be kept secret and the governor kept ignorant.

That is true of minor things as well as major ones. A major disruption in morning traffic for an hour, much less a day or more, cannot escape a governor’s notice or serious inquiry. It is not a game of beanbag in a state park. That Gov. Chris Christie didn’t ask or know how it happened is unlikely, or simple malfeasance.

Norman Sherman

Retired, Tucson

Extend criminal liabililty to pool owners

Re: the Jan. 12 letter “Charge the gun owner when a child is shot.”

I agree with Jack Walters’ letter.

The same goes for pool owners. This can be devastating for family members, but I believe legislation should be enacted to hold the pool owners responsible by charging them with manslaughter.

This might encourage pool owners to be more diligent in securing their pools.

Mary Anne Davis

Educator, Oracle