For legislators, guns are all-purpose answer

Re: the April 16 article "Lawmakers oppose new weapon restrictions."

In regard to the comments from Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, concerning guns and the Boston tragedy: I would just like to know when our state legislators would NOT have "more guns" as an answer to any questions they field.

Alan Barreuther


Terrorism seems to be matter of definition

This morning's paper calls the Boston atrocity "the first successful terrorist strike against a U.S. city since Sept. 11." Hmmm. What about Jan. 8, 2011, in Tucson? Then, too, a bunch of people were killed and wounded randomly, in public, by a homicidal maniac. I've often wondered if we would have called that atrocity "terrorism" if the maniac had been named Mohammed instead of Jared.

Aurora? Newtown? Why weren't those acts of terrorism? Is it because we have to "do something" as a nation about "terrorism," but "mass shootings" are just an unfortunate, inevitable consequence of our Second Amendment rights?

Funny how words matter, isn't it?

George Timson

Computer analyst, Tucson

LaWall's comments on Taylor case appalling

Re: the April 7 article "LaWall faulted on Pioneer Hotel deal."

Barbara LaWall's comments on Louis Taylor's case, both to the Star and to Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" are appalling. Her efforts to play semantic games and ignore what is obvious to everyone else epitomize why people think lawyers are slippery, evasive and morally corrupt.

Just because she can justify the unjustifiable in her mind does not mean she's fooling anyone else.

She needs to restore the integrity of her office by offering an unqualified apology to Taylor on behalf of herself, her predecessors and the County Attorney's Office.

Darian Qureshi

Attorney, Tucson

Letter writer's views on gays were offensive

Re: the April 7 letter to the editor "Sexual relations a matter of morality."

The letter writer's view of same-sex marriage differs from mine in that I believe in love and all the facets of love as the basis of marriage, whereas he appears focused on other people's sex lives.

I have had the privilege of knowing many people within the gay community and take umbrage that he callously refers to their relationships as "deviant behavior" and "intrinsically disordered" based on "natural law" as disseminated by his faith.

His statements discount and overlook the religious views of other faiths that have taken great pains to examine their belief systems regarding sexual orientation. These inclusive churches are also being discriminated against by the antiquated reasoning of faith communities like the letter writer's.

A society that raises each generation with the notion of love and marriage going hand-in-hand and then denies the right to participate in all the associated social, cultural and legal protections provided by getting married is nothing short of cruel.

Bobbie VandeGriff

Retired, Tucson

Reserve 'idiots' term to describe legislators

Re: the April 9 article "Archaic term in AZ mental-health law is targeted."

It was good to see the the Legislature has decided to stop defining the mentally ill as "idiots." That term now can be exclusively reserved for elected officials.

Gary Stoeger

Retired, Tucson