Library nurses a great service

Re: the Oct. 21 article "Some help for those who fall through the cracks."

As a retired librarian, I was extremely pleased to learn that the Pima County library system has several nurses on rotating duty at branches in Tucson. This is an exciting development both for library staff and for library users.

Historically public libraries have been among the few locations open to all and, as a result, have seen many challenges in serving their increasingly diverse and needy populations.

Having nurses available to do health checks, both mental and physical, provide minor first aid and to serve as a referral service to resources throughout the community is an invaluable aid to library users.

Not only does it make those without access to health care healthier and less anxious, it makes the library environment and surrounding area safer for all in the community.

Kudos to the Pima County public libraries for a wonderful idea, and thanks to the Star for highlighting this creative new program.

Patricia Turnbull


Look at the record: Vogt is no moderate

Ted Vogt is out of touch with Legislative District 10. His voting record aligns with Frank Antenori, Al Melvin and Russell Pearce.

According to Project Vote Smart Ted Vogt has:

1. supported Frank Antenori's scheme to permit guns in school.

2. supported Al Melvin's quest to bring nuclear waste to Pima County.

3. voted to defund Arizona's largest provider of women's health services.

4. permitted employers to refuse to cover contraception.

5. tried to change Tucson's election law to help his brother run for City Council.

6. taken millions in gas tax revenues from Tucson that could have been used to fix our roads.

7. slashed education and health care funding.

8. voted to lower Arizona's minimum wage.

9. given Pima County's wastewater plant to Marana.

Ted Vogt may be more personable than Antenori, Melvin and Pearce but he is no moderate - and Tucson deserves better.

Clague A. Van Slyke III

Attorney, Tucson