One foster home

can save a life

Re: the Jan. 19 article “Tucson’s need for foster parents to be highlighted at Feb. 1 event.”

Thank you to reporter Patty Machelor for her generous article to promote one of the significant and exciting events of 4Tucson. This remarkable ministry in our midst promotes a great hope and vision for Tucsonans to unite together in faith and service.

4Tucson impressively promotes community unity for service with a purpose. “Our Kids, Our Care” is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon  Saturday at Victory Worship Center, 2561 W. Ruthrauff Road.

The presentations seek to shine a spotlight on one of our country’s best natural resources — children. If there is one person who provides a foster home for one child, that’s a life saved.

Aileen Hanson


Habitat for Humanity still builds new homes

Re: the Jan. 30 article “Habitat gets $100,000 to spruce up old houses.”

I’d like to clarify that Habitat for Humanity Tucson has not changed its focus away from building new homes. The loan repair program represents an “additional focus.” Our homebuilding program is still alive and well!

Gordon Yarrington

Board member, Habitat for

Humanity, Tucson

Farnsworth’s advocacy for chickens misplaced

Re: the Jan. 24 article “Keeping chickens on residential land is constitutional right, bill’s backers say.”

I think Sen. David Farnsworth should have more important things to focus on than chickens. Why would anyone want noisy, nasty chickens next door to them, much less right on the property line?

We have enough trouble with people who refuse to control their dogs and cats and now this “representative” wants chickens. I wonder what lives next door to him. I’m sure it’s not a chicken coop.

A. Roy Olson

Technical writer, Tucson