Jobless should chill, admire the view

Re: the Aug. 23 editorial cartoon by David Fitzsimmons.

The Rosemont mine will obviously provide needed, high-paying jobs. This is enough reason to give it strong consideration. But beyond the economic argument is the fact that today’s mining companies are very responsible, spending millions on reclamation efforts after operations cease.

Environmental elitists such as Fitz take a “not in my backyard” position. Mountains are to be enjoyed from the windshield of their Prius (which might not work so well without copper), or on a walk with some sweet aluminum trekking poles (uh-oh). Following Fitz’s argument, his enjoyment of the scenic Santa Ritas trumps the needs of the many Southern Arizonans who are looking for a good job. They should just chill and admire the view.

Chris Donahue


Court isn’t ‘inventing new minorities’

Re: the Aug. 20 article “Court too often wrongly expands role, Scalia says.”

Justice Antonin Scalia said it was not the role of the Supreme Court “to invent new minorities that get special protection.” That is nonsense. The court is not inventing new minorities, it is simply extending equal protection to minorities that exist or were denied equal protection by legislation such as the Defense of Marriage Act.

Paul R. Dommel

Retired professor, Tucson

PCC program

couldn’t succeed

Re: the Aug. 18 article “Pima College cancels failed $1.3 million Prep Academy.”

The article is very timely, especially in light of the proposed two-year high school certificate available through the Move On When Ready program. How can a two-year certificate be of educational value when PCC invited 6,000 students into its preparatory program and only 986 applied?

What is even more distressing is that college executives wanted to ensure that incoming students had at least seventh grade proficiency in math, reading and writing. Has the Daily Star made a printing error? Seventh grade — not 12th grade — proficiency to enter a community college! The cancellation of the PCC program just proves that our high school education system is a total failure for most of the students.

Ihor Kunasz

Oro Valley

Racial prejudice

is never a joke

How shameful that our fellow citizens in Arizona actually greeted the president of the United States in Phoenix with a song of “Baa Baa Black Sheep?” How can it be possible in this day and age that prejudice of skin color exists? Even as a young child I never understood how people could make such unreasonable judgments. The Civil Rights movement happened when I was a teenager. I am still appalled at the bigotry and deeply ashamed of that part of American culture and behavior.

A clown at a rodeo with a crowd cheering a bull to trample an ugly mockery of Barack Obama and the right wing of the Republican party pundits defending such actions! Apparently,“liberals” had no sense of humor.

Racial prejudice is a cancer of the soul and its basis is always hate and ignorance. It is never, ever to be taken as a joke.

Geneva Keith Ulm

Retired, Tucson

Metro government could be cost-effective

Re: the Aug. 17 article “City-county waterline tiff may go to court.”

For at least 30 years, many people like myself have proposed a metropolitan style of government for the greater Tucson area. The recent rift and the impending shortage of funds or diminishing services continue to plague us. Isn’t it time for metro government and the inherent savings?

Dick Kolt


Who’s paying to send Gov. Brewer to India?

Re: the Aug. 21 article “Gov. Brewer to lead Arizona trade mission to India.”

Not long ago I remember the Republican outrage at the fact that President Obama traveled to Africa at taxpayer expense. Now we see our glorious Republican governor traveling to India. If it’s at the taxpayers’ expense, where is the outrage? Could it be that she is white and a Republican spending taxpayer money, or people just don’t care to argue the same point? It makes one wonder why the president gets criticized so much and Republicans do not, even though they have not had an idea for the betterment of the country as a whole in over a decade.

Kenneth Holder

Registered nurse, Tucson