A better solution? Birth control

It’s strange, that with all the bad press concerning Child Protective Services and the lack of foster homes, there are two words that society avoids like a plague and will not mention: birth control.

It should be obvious to everyone that there are too many people having children they either cannot, or will not, take care of properly. Children are an enormous responsibility, even with two caring parents. How many more children will be killed or abused in the name of religious beliefs or ignorance?

If we can afford food and diaper drives, we certainly can afford birth control. It’s much cheaper and easier for all of us.

James Kelly

Retired, Tucson

‘Doonesbury’ insults our military

Re: the Dec. 8 comic strip “Doonesbury.”

I am livid that you would carry such a biased cartoon in the comics section of the paper. My daughter is in our military and has never experienced anything like this. For Garry Trudeau to generalize such a statement and for you, the Daily Star, to publish it, is inexcusable.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. I’m just saying that this is not a “comic.” What happened to the fun comics of yesteryear?

Bring back Dick Tracy and his far-fetched innovations. Keep Marmaduke, Family Circus and even Pickles. How dare you insult our military! I’m disgusted! And especially at this time of year. This is your patriotic choice especially after Dec. 7? This political statement does not belong in the comics section of your Sunday paper.

Lauren Giffin

Manager, Curves Fitness, Tucson

Vaccines can prevent tragedy down the road

Re: the Dec. 5 article “Vail doc: Expect spike in whooping cough.”

I read with interest the recent article featuring Dr. Christopher Hickie’s stand on vaccinating children. I am 76 years old and remember the polio epidemics and row upon row of iron lungs. I do not understand how a parent could withhold lifesaving vaccines from their children.

Those of us who have had chickenpox are in danger of having shingles, a very painful malady. Today’s parent can avoid this tragedy for their child. Perhaps a letter-writing campaign by grandparents and great-grandparents would be in order. Let’s please get some lifesaving legislation in this area.

Larry Unger

Retired, Tucson