Don’t give living bunnies as Easter gifts

At Easter, many parents are tempted to buy cute baby bunnies for their children. But unless the child is older and very responsible, a toy bunny will make a better gift.

Rabbits are fragile creatures. While baby bunnies tolerate handling, adults often do not want to be held, and will bite and kick, hurting themselves and others. They do need daily interaction with owners, though, as well as the freedom to roam outside a cage, and they can live 10-12 years.

Will your child still care for the rabbit after the novelty wears off? Every summer, shelters receive an influx of former Easter rabbits as they reach maturity.

If you accept them on their own terms, rabbits make great pets, but they need a safe, gentle home. Save a life and don’t buy an Easter bunny.

If you must have a rabbit, you can visit or contact your local shelter.

Carol Waters

Self-employed, Tucson

Name could become synonym for failure

Re: the April 9 article “Board decides: No nuevo nombre for Tucson’s Rio Nuevo project.”

How does one answer that age-old question: What’s in a name?

Rio Nuevo is a funny name in English, New River, especially when it’s applied to a city surrounded by dry washes. But that’s not the strange part, what’s strange, is why the city wants to keep it.

“We need to be proud of the name Rio Nuevo,” said board member Jannie Cox. That’s what Henry Ford II probably said about the Edsel automobile. But in the end, an Edsel would always be an Edsel — a synonym for failure.

Jim Kelly

Retired, Tucson

Proud of police, Border Patrol, D-M

I am frustrated by police department and Border Patrol men and women constantly being ridiculed for doing their job.

Someday we will all wonder where our police and Border Patrol are, and then all of you will be doing your own protection and attempting to keep law and order. Also you may be wondering what happened to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base due to a handful of whiners who cannot handle the jet airplane noise.

It’s an Air Force base and it’s protecting you 24/7, right along with the police and Border Patrol. If you have a better solution for your protection, come forth with it.

You don’t like the jet noise then get earplugs or move somewhere away from a military base. God bless all our men and women who wear a uniform, carry a gun and fly those marvelous flying loud machines.

Patricia Ward

Retired, Tucson

Tax status requires

groups to be nonpolitical

Re: the April 8 guest column “Senate Dems, Obama seek to thwart free speech.”

Sen. Jeff Flake demonstrates in his guest opinion why Arizona politics have become the laughing stock of the nation.

Actually, both left and right wing groups applying for 501(c)(4) were targeted for scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, because the regulation requires organizations be primarily involved in nonpolitical social service activity, and the statute requires them to be exclusively devoted to it.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which files lawsuits in court, is nonpolitical by definition. The tea party, which strives to win elections, is thereby not. Political speech is free from prior restraint, but not tax exempt, nor should it be — the attempt to influence and win elections is supposed to cost the partisans their own money.

Advocacy is not educational — that is the difference we were taught in English class between expository writing, which explains, and persuasive writing, which attempts to change the reader’s opinions.

Naturally, all advocacy groups purport to be educational, but like Flake, their “facts” are often not true, their logic is faulty and their service is only to themselves.

David P. Vernon

Independent management



Candidates should offer realistic plans

So we’ve talked about Obamacare for the past four years. The law passed without a single Republican vote, but it did become law amongst much discontent.

It surely hasn’t solved the problem of insuring the millions who are without health care. Now it is time for campaigning Republicans to offer a means of amending the law because it will never be repealed in total.

At the same time they need to address a problem that has existed for years and hasn’t been solved either. Immigration reform needs fixing every bit as much as Obamacare.

Both parties agree that we need secure borders. A law could be passed on that single issue.

Campaigners need to stop being against everything and show they have real “understandable” plans that could be legislated as a single issue. As much energy and resources need to be put into this issue as been done bashing Obamacare.

Amnesty is totally unrealistic and so is immediate citizenship. Somehow there are ways that this horrible and worsening situation can be fixed.

Mary Johnson