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March 18, 2014 12:00 am

Put politics aside, reinstate physician

Re: the March 9 letter to the editor “Cardiac surgeon’s suspension puts UA patients in limbo.”

Almost a year ago my husband found out that he needed heart surgery. Luckily, he was referred to Dr. Robert Poston.

Dr. Poston gave my husband hope and a new lease on life, both physically and emotionally. He informed my husband that he would be a good candidate for robotic heart surgery, but assured him it would be his choice to select the traditional “zipper” form of surgery or the robotic.

My husband chose the robotic surgery and has never regretted it. He was out of the hospital within a week and only has a couple of small scars. For those eligible, he would definitely recommend this type of surgery and Dr. Poston.

We do not fully understand the politics in running a large teaching hospital, but we do understand the importance of quality, excellence and compassion. Dr. Poston embodies all of these important characteristics and we are saddened and distressed to learn of his suspension.

We implore University of Arizona Medical Center to reinstate this incredible physician.

Diane Castro

Small-business owner, Tucson

Strategy to save A-10 seems to have failed

Re: the March 10 guest column “Leadership needed to save A-10 and D-M.”

There is a difference between doing things and getting things done. Politicians should be measured by the results they achieve.

Congressman Ron Barber tells us he’s been busy trying to save the A-10, but what is the result? His strategy, if he has one, seems to have failed.

We need results, not more business as usual. We need leadership.

Michael Price

Student, Tucson

Obama setbacks mean absurd letters to editor

Re: the March 5 letter to the editor “Putin a contender for 2016?”

As the Obama administration encounters more setbacks, the letters the Star chooses to print become more absurd.

Here, the letter writer imagined he heard republicans “praise Vladimir Putin” on Fox News because he was referred to “as a leader.” Who does the writer think the leader of Russia is, if not Putin?

Continuing to hallucinate, he wrote “I believe the GOP found its candidate for 2016.” Impossible, Putin won’t be available, he’ll be waiting for another Democrat to be elected and award him with more Obama “resets.”

I have empathy for Obama supporters, what with Democrat senators shooting down his Justice Department nominee, crafting delays to Obamacare to save their Senate seats, and Putin’s thumb in his eye are hard to swallow.

Couple this with the ongoing scandal investigations, going off the deep end is understandable.

Brian Rolfe

Lt. Col., USMC (Retired), Tucson

Add sixth ‘C’ to describe state — clowns

After the recent utterances regarding education standards by senators Al Melvin and David Farnsworth, two of our state government’s leading embarrassments, Arizona can now boast about our “six Cs”: cactus, cotton, climate, copper, cowboys and clowns.

Alan Dankwerth

Consultant, Oro Valley

Fitz is the smartest sophomore in town

Regarding the occasional complaints about editorial cartoons and columns by Fitz, let’s all agree that he is the smartest sophomore in town.

Keep at it, Fitz! We love your wit and intelligent insight. Just don’t snap me with any wet towels if we ever pass on the street.

Don Schwartz

Retired professor, Green Valley

Make humane animal treatment state credo

Recently, two dog electrocutions at one of the last remaining greyhound race tracks in the United States, Tucson Greyhound Park, have again put Arizona in the national spotlight.

Given that the state is struggling to overcome a deep recession, negative national publicity such as the press that resulted from these electrocutions does not help us overcome our very real economic challenges.

We need to make sure Arizona is widely known for humane treatment of the animals that live and work in the state, rather than being infamous for allowing gruesome mistreatment.

Eileen Walker

Management consultant, Tucson

Ax 2nd Amendment

at Convention of States

Re: the March 16 letter to the editor “Ariz. should join call for Convention of States.”

I heartily agree with the letter writer who said Arizona should join the Convention of States to amend the U.S. Constitution.

That way can repeal the Second Amendment and get rid of the National Rifle Association once and for all. Of course I may need more than a peashooter to defend myself against such outrageous thoughts.

Steve Shear

Novelist, SaddleBrooke

Column details sentiment of many

Re: the March 16 column “Some border residents are fed up with checkpoints.”

Tim Steller’s column details the sentiment many borderlands residents have when the government dubs their communities Constitution-free zones.

John Heid

General laborer, Tucson

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