My donation’s going

to Arizona Public Media

Re: the July 27 article “Donors slow to offset costs for Hart’s new UA office.”

The renovation of Old Main is an exciting project, one that is long overdue. How sad that funds for saving the beloved structure are tied to a new office for President Ann Weaver Hart.

Perhaps the president could lean on those who assured her of $17 million for the athletics program and they could get her over the hump and into her lavish quarters before the fall semester begins.

As for me, my donations will be directed to Arizona Public Media.

Jane Swicegood

Retired, Tucson

Murder victims’ families

suffer cruel punishment

I think the family members of murder victims are the ones who suffer cruel and unusual punishment during the 20 years plus waiting for justice to be done to a murdering bastard who has forfeited his right to live by his own hand and action.

The long wait on death row to protect the murder’s rights through appeal after appeal is an abomination to the families of those victims whose rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been canceled by a despicable act of one who should be immediately exterminated like the vermin he is.

To add the ultimate insult to the family’s anguish, the convict finds Jesus, has his sins forgiven, proclaim his innocence and prays that those who seek his death should ask for forgiveness from the same God that forgave him.

Swift and sure executions are quite humane and civilized, as opposed to the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on the victim’s family in particular and society in total.

David Williams

Retired, Tucson

What if our own poor

were sent to the border?

I love the comments from those who have said “let’s fix our own domestic and local problems first,” especially when it comes to the flight of immigrant children coming to our country in search of a safer environment and a better life. There have been so many fearful predictions made about the drain it will take on our schools, on our social service programs, on our economy, on our jobs, gangs, et cetera.

OK already, so let’s do something about our own problems first. Let’s face it: Our local state leaders and our Congress will not “do something” about our own problems first. It is not as if our problems just happened yesterday. Our state and national government has had hundreds of opportunities to redirect funding to the needs of the poor and the needs of children. What do we have to do to make progress in this area?

I know — how about if we march our own poor and destitute children to the border?

Linda Carrillo

Retired, Tucson

Sympathize with kids?

Why not adopt one

Re: child migrants from Central America

People may think of me as heartless, but I think the children should be sent back to their home country. Children belong with their parents. The president could just write another “executive action” reversing the 2008 law. We have too many kids in our country who need help to spend money on undocumented and unaccompanied children.

If all else fails, those who think the children should stay in our country should go down to the border and adopt the children. That way they could raise them and educate them. This would make them good contributing adults and keep them off our already-overburdened welfare rolls.

John Thomas

Retired executive, Tucson