Meditation can heal

various ills

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Sit still and be quiet.”

I very much appreciated reporter Hannah Gaber’s article. The thorough overview of meditation will benefit anyone looking for a proven way to improve metal and physical health. In combination with healthy nutrition and exercise, meditation has the potential to heal various ills more effectively than most medicines doctors so readily prescribe.

John Reid

Executive director,

Healthy You Network, Tucson

Writer’s arguments don’t hold water

Re: the Nov. 14 letter to the editor “Fast forward to impeachment.”

This retired-military letter writer’s attempted indictment of President Obama doesn’t deserve a salute. He anticipates 2014, when “a newly enlightened electorate moves the U.S. Senate back to the Republican camp.”

An electorate so “enlightened” that it will have been bamboozled into adopting the conservative agenda of discrimination against ethnic minorities, women, homosexuals and the economically disadvantaged?

He condemns the “nationalization of one-sixth of the U.S. economy” by the Affordable Care Act but fails to understand that the ACA doesn’t “nationalize” anything. Health insurance will still be provided by private insurers, not the government.

Finally, he suggests that President Obama should be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Where was his outrage when George W. Bush was lying us into a decade-long, trillion-dollar Iraq war that killed, maimed or otherwise wounded almost 40,000 Americans?

Thomas Sanders

Fundraiser, Tucson

Doolittle remembered

as a gentle man

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Last of WWII Doolittle Raiders make their final toast.”

As a newspaper publisher in Creede, Colo. in the early 1980s, I got to interview Jimmy Doolittle. One of his pilots owned a summer cabin there and Doolittle spent a couple of summers there. I was only 8 years old during the war but I remembered his name.

He told me he was deaf in the left ear from flying. He showed me a bird’s nest outside the window of the cabin. He was a very gentle man and I only wish I had known more about the war to ask him intelligent questions.

Beverly Van Horn

Realtor, Tucson

Schoolchildren need

to be vaccinated

Re: the Nov. 13 article “Whooping cough spiking.”

It seems to me children should have all vaccinations before they are allowed to attend school. When did we decide to eliminate this vital step when sending our children to school?

We send our kids to learn, but they should be taught in a healthy environment.

Luise Faber

Volunteer, Tucson