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Look up 'pedophilia,' then 'homosexuality'

Re: the April 29 letter to the editor "Would view apply to male Girl Scout leader?"

The writer, identified as a writer and speech coach, implies it would be as dangerous to have a gay Boy Scout leader as to have a straight male Girl Scout leader. Seriously!

The writer needs to brush up on his vocabulary. Homosexuality and pedophilia are two entirely different things. It is the pedophile scout leaders, priests, teachers and other adults who interact with our children on whom we need to keep an diligent eye, not homosexuals.

I'll bet there are some straight men out there who would make awesome Girl Scout leaders, as well as gay men who would be great Boy Scout leaders.

Donna Atkinson


Brewer signature supports gun idolatry

Re: the April 30 article "Bill signed preventing Tucson from destroying 'buyback' guns."

Local political control is touted by the Republican state officials whenever it suits their purposes - but denied when it means we in Southern Arizona choose policies counter to the Republican ideology. What hypocrites they are. When I hear "local control" coming from the mouth of an ideologue, I hear manipulation.

Jan Brewer signing the prohibition on voluntary gun destruction is a step away from democratic government. Seventy percent of Arizonans support safer gun laws, but Jan Brewer turns her back on public safety, and instead supports the gun idolatry.

Donna Branch-Gilby


Mr. Money Mustache doesn't support growth

Re: the April 28 article "How Mr. Money Mustache retired at 30."

We were perplexed to read the interview with Mr. Money Mustache. What would happen if we all did as his family does? Unless we consume more, how is the economy going to grow? What is wrong with everlasting economic growth in a finite planet?

Nick Waser and Mary Price

Ecologists, Tucson

Poetry casts life-affirming light

Re: the April 29 article "The tools of top poetry reciter are rhythm, sound and words."

Heartfelt thanks for devoting precious front page space to poetry. This article was a life-affirming bright spot amidst the daily dose of dire darkness, and indeed this is the real-life value of poetry itself.

Kudos to Cassandra Valadez on her remarkable accomplishments at the local and state levels, best wishes to her on the national stage, and congratulations to Marcella Corona for finding and pursuing this story. Both these young talents have helped revive my flagging hope for humanity.

Will Clipman

Poet and percussionist, Tucson

We draw closer to our Constitution's promise

David Fitzsimmons' April 30 editorial cartoon depicting Jackie Robinson and Jason Collins walking together was excellent. I hope that Collins' announcement about being gay helps break down the intolerance of others. Robinson's courage helped destroy the lies and myths about black Americans. I hope that Collins' courageous act takes far less time to destroy the lies and myths about gay Americans.

We need to respect Collins and other gay people so that we can achieve our constitutional promise that all people are equal.

John Harlan

Retired teacher, Sahuarita

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