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April 14, 2014 12:00 am

Ruling boosts big money’s influence

Re: the April 8 article “Big outside groups overshadow parties in key races.”

I am confused why our lawmakers seem to be in favor of increasing the power of shadow groups on local elections.

Obviously, more dark money is going to negatively affect our elections and the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon ruling will inevitably allow big money to influence our democracy.

The “see-no-evil” interpretation that our justices and judges have used to strike down restrictions on donor contribution only seems to be leading us in the direction of deregulation of campaign contribution and the strengthening of special and big money interests.

Edison Lin

Student, Tucson

Preserving species is proper management

Re: the April 7 guest column “Sheep reintroduction is poor wildlife management.”

Bighorn reintroduction to the Catalinas is not bad wildlife management.

Transplant of wildlife back to historic habitats has long been used to preserve and recover wild species. The reintroduction of native fishes to Sabino Canyon after the fires, condors around the Grand Canyon, Mexican wolves in northern Arizona, black-footed ferrets near Seligman, plus literally hundreds of other species reintroductions throughout the West are all examples of successful efforts.

The reintroduction effort to establish a viable population of bighorns is motivated by the same rationale — restore diverse and viable populations of wildlife.

What I know is that it is wrong to shrug and accept that bighorn sheep are gone from the mountain — forever.

A successful reintroduction of the iconic bighorn to the Catalinas would signal several important things. First and foremost, it would indicate the mountain has regained some of its historic health if it can again support healthy populations of both predator and prey. Only a continued commitment and time will.

Bob Hernbrode

Retired wildlife biologist, Tucson

FDA doing poor job with foreign drugs

Re: the March 31 editorial “Americans endangered by FDA’s ambivalence.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s inability to adequately control the distribution of pharmaceuticals coming in from foreign countries is unacceptable.

It is a shame that it has taken FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg five years to finally go to India and begin persuading the Indian government to inspect their manufacturing plants based on higher standards.

The FDA is not doing a very good job at keeping American society safe from sub-par drugs, and it is unfortunate that the FDA’s delayed progress in India is probably the result of financial incentives from the drug companies themselves.

“Money is the root of all evil” perfectly describes this situation of drug companies outsourcing their pharmaceuticals in order to sell them at more competitive prices at the expense of public safety.

It’s astonishing that so many people, 70 percent of Americans, are unknowingly using these potentially unsafe drugs.

My question is why did I find this issue in the editorial section and why is it not getting front-page exposure?

Samantha Turrentine

Student, Tucson

Add Valencia Road to improvement list

Re: the April 6 article “Landscaping, art to improve air travelers’ first look at city.”

The new landscaping along Tucson Boulevard leading to the entrance of our international airport will truly welcome new visitors, until they turn onto Valencia Road.

Once on Valencia the visitor will wonder if they will have to pay for damage to their rental car caused by the incredibly awful street maintenance along that stretch of roadway.

Mike Varney has obviously never driven on Valencia, because if he had then he would never speak of a city that cares about itself and has a kind of civic ambiance that says welcome.

Mitchell Oomens

Manager, Tucson

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