Palin has another think

coming on liberal pope

Man, if Sarah Palin is upset with Pope Francis for being too liberal, wait till she hears about Jesus!

Buddy Gill

Retired sheet metal worker, Tucson

GOP dared Dems

to change filibuster rule

Re: Nov. 23 article “Senate Dems curb filibusters on appointees.”

The Senate Democrats eased the rule to limit filibusters on most presidential appointments. Only time will tell when this will come back to haunt them and how bad it will be. But they had little choice.

According the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, filibusters of presidential appointments have been used 168 times in our history — a full half since Obama’s election. It’s a continuation of the Republican policy of obstructing everything on Obama’s agenda.

It’s as if the number of filibusters was a dare to the Democrats to make the change. And, if so, there may be two good reasons for it. First, derail as many appointments as possible. Secondly, Republicans will make the rule change apply to all Senate votes when they come to power and, with some validity, blame the Democrats.

Some say this will make the Senate completely dysfunctional. That assumes it was functional in the first place.

Dan Gipple

Vietnam infantry veteran, Tucson

Mexico’s violence shows need to arm citizens

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Citizens take fight to Mexican cartel.”

This article is an excellent example of why citizens should be allowed to own guns. Mexico is a gun-free zone by law. Criminals know this and took over the country. Now the citizens have decided to defy the government gun laws and take back their towns.

Hopefully, the government will see the light and join with their citizens to crush the gangs.

Gerald Jurries

Retired, Green Valley

It’s possible insurers can’t match a good deal

Re: the Nov. 13 letter to the editor “Don’t drink health-care Kool-Aid.”

Over the years I have known so many people to be treated badly by health insurance companies. Yet the opponents of the Affordable Care Act carry on as if insurance companies have never raised premiums before, as if they have always been fair and upright, and every word they speak the gospel.

A recent letter writer said his insurance company canceled his group policy because “they can’t compete with Obamacare.”

First possibility, that isn’t the company’s true reason — plenty of insurers are using the ACA as an excuse for maneuvering to raise profits.

Second possibility, when a private business says they “can’t compete” with something, that usually means the competitor is offering a better deal than they can.

So why wouldn’t that be a good thing for health-care consumers?

Elizabeth Bernstein

Retired, Bisbee

Obama is committed

to wealth redistribution

Many say that the president misled us when he promised that we could keep our doctor and health plan, and that he has been less than honest on numerous occasions regarding other issues. This may or may not be so, but there is one signature goal on which he has remained totally honest: income redistribution.

His “spreading the wealth around” comment to Joe the Plumber remains as valid today as it was in 2008. He has used the tax code, welfare system and food stamp program, among others, to further this objective. Now the tool is Obamacare, with insurance premiums force-shifting wealth from one group to another under the guise of fairness and compassion.

So on this one issue, he remains true to his word, with the added benefit of shifting the blame to the insurance companies.

Steve Leane

Retired military, SaddleBrooke

Magical performance will be long remembered

Thoreau said, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

The recent concert where Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey celebrated their 50 years of work, creativity and love showed those two men will definitely not go to the grave with the song still in them.

It was an amazing and memorable show that my husband and I will remember as long as we live. And, yes, Mary Travers’ spirit soared right along with their voices and filled the room with magic.

Riki Renfro

Registered nurse, Vail