Thank you for aid, kindness at pharmacy

On the morning of May 21 at a Walgreens on Speedway, two women were extremely kind and compassionate to me. I was doubled over in pain while waiting for prescriptions. One stayed to be comforting and the other brought a bottle of water so I could take the medication immediately. I did not get their names but if they see this I want them to know how grateful I am. I hope that I can be as kind to someone else as they were to me.

Jennalyn Tellman

Retired, Tucson

Formula 1 in Tucson? Not happening

Re: the June 6 article "Pima sees Formula 1 racetrack in future."

When I saw the headline I thought, "Can this possibly come true?" After little more than a moment I knew it could never happen.

Formula 1 is the title of a very specific class of racing that surpasses virtually any other type of auto racing in its technology, spare-no-expense approach to obtaining the best in equipment and drivers and level of advancement in safety. There is no equal.

When Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Pima County Tom Moulton estimates a track development and build cost of "tens of millions," he overlooks the reality that the Circuit of The Americas was recently constructed in Texas for the express purpose of hosting (real) Formula 1 racing, at a cost of several hundred million dollars!

It would be awesome to have a real quality road-type racetrack in the vicinity of Tucson, but Formula 1?

Not happening.

Eric P. Maurer


Snowden ill-suited to judge our security

With all of the people that are unemployed, the CIA hired Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old who barely got a GED and later dropped out of college.

Snowden states that he disclosed confidential material because "he thinks" the public should decide if those overseeing our national security are doing the right thing. By releasing this information he has already decided. What divine power gave him the right to decide and put this country in jeopardy by exposing a program that has probably stopped countless attacks?

Quite frankly, if the government wants to check my emails or monitor my phone calls, let it. I have nothing to hide. In fact it is comforting to know that someone is on the look out for those who would harm America.

Dave Glicksman

Retired, Tucson

Defang the IRS now

Any fair-minded individual, regardless of political persuasion, would agree the targeting of conservative groups for harassment by the IRS is contrary to the founding principles of this country. It should be obvious that similarly targeting liberal groups with the same tactics would be possible after some future election.

The time to defang the Internal Revenue Service is now. The simplest way to accomplish this is to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace the income tax with a simple national sales tax. Since most states already collect a state sales tax, the mechanism to add a national sales tax already exists. The IRS would be reduced to 2,000 or so employees needed to monitor tax collections from each of the 50 states. The IRS would no longer have any reason to deal directly with individuals or businesses. What could be more fair?

Thomas F. Fava

Retired, Green Valley

Definition of 'racist' is pretty simple

There are many nuances in the use of the word "racist." The most accurate definition of the word is that a racist is anyone who disagrees with me.

Andrew Rutter


Star should stop using wraparound ads

Re: the June 8 letter to the editor "Wraparound ads annoy everyone."

I thought I might be a voice in the wilderness, but I see others find the advertising overlays extremely annoying and time consuming for the readers. I thought of contacting the advertisers to suggest the possibility of a personal boycott, but I have long patronized many of those businesses and that would not be productive.

So perhaps I am actually a voice in the crowd as I urge the Daily Star to eliminate the overleaf ads. Good will cannot be quantified on your balance sheet.

Kerry McLaughlin

Retired, Tucson

Don't put weapons before needs of citizens

Re: the June 9 article "Raytheon looks like winner in '14 budget" and column "Getting help for mentally ill is a grind."

What does this say about our priorities as a city, county, state and country? Will we ever stop putting weapons and war ahead of the needs of our citizens? Not so long as we tolerate it. 

Fritzi Redgrave

Nurse, Tucson