Let them party? No, protect the children

Re: the Sept. 26 article “Task force takes aim at underage sex trade.”

Really! “You’ve got to let them have their party” is Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s opinion of why you cannot press public-relations campaigns against prostitution? Zoeller is a member of a task force to further protect underage children from becoming sex slaves. As stated in the article, most girls enter prostitution at 12 to 14 years of age. It is really outrageous that we cannot protect these children.

Lucinda Adams

Retired, Tucson

What did the other letter writer know?

Re: the Sept. 13 letter to the editor “What we need is jobs, not more forced charity.”

The writer claims they pay to keep the poor out of poverty. Let’s remind them that about 85 percent of our federal taxes go for war and military expenses. Let them urge Arizona to follow the example of the many Western European Nations that have much lower birth rates for unmarried teenagers and teach a wide range of birth control techniques.

Could the writer urge their state legislators to stop funding private prisons and spend the money on proper medical and dental care for all children in Arizona? Is the writer proud that we have passed Mississippi in having the highest rate of school dropouts in the nation? Does the writer know that the item stolen most from supermarkets is baby formula? Did the writer vote for those politicians who sent so many jobs overseas?

Joe Bartell

Retired biologist, Green Valley

True freedom: control over powerful forces

Re: the Sept. 14 column “Adorable notion of live-and-let-live liberalism is a crock.”

Jonah Goldberg, the Daily Star’s regular right-wing op-ed contributor, finds liberals’ claim to supporting liberty sarcastically adorable. This rehearsal of the old carp over who’s the true freedom lover should be beneath real thinkers. Conservatives love corporate liberty while denying personal freedoms in the realm of sexual orientation and reproductive rights. Liberals deplore liberty when it allows the oppression of workers and the destruction of the environment.

I am a liberal because I subscribe to the belief that for true freedom to be achieved reasonable controls must be placed on the powerful forces that would enrich themselves at the cost of the dignity of others. This is the complex analysis of liberty that makes liberalism truly liberating. Conservatives’ allegiance to so-called traditional values limits their contribution to freedom by tying our society to a time that failed to embrace authentic liberty and justice for all.

Thomas Rogers


Humanities seminars are another option

You have been giving excellent coverage recently to the opportunities for lifelong learners in Tucson. The variety of courses available enriches the lives not only of the residents who participate, but also contributes to the vibrancy of our community.

I would like to add the Humanities Seminars Program at the University of Arizona to those programs. For the past 30 years, the Humanities Seminars Program has offered affordable courses taught by University of Arizona professors in letters, arts and sciences.

Ted Taubeneck

Chair, Humanities

Seminars Program