Thanks for graphic on Semba’s baby

Re: the May 18 info graphic “A (big, big) baby’s on the way.”

What a beautiful story, plus infograhics, about Semba’s new bundle of joy on the way. We will look forward to meeting this new baby.

Reid Park Zoo is most enjoyable for all. I am going to save these marvelous pictures for our grandsons when they visit. The art work is amazing!

Norita Nickerson

Green Valley

Refocus negative energy toward VA

Re: the May 16 letter to the editor “Guess I’ve been on the ‘good’ VA list.”

I disagree with David Fitzimmon’s cartoon condemning the Department of Veterans Affairs and I wholeheartedly applaud and agree with John Fanning’s recent letter.

As a WWII veteran, I have only good things to say about my personal care at our Tucson VA since 1976. Veteran friends have stated they were very satisfied with their treatment.

Our veterans earned the right of care and deserve all the TLC they can get.

“You found the enemy — you sent in the troops.” Now stop the bombardment of negative public relations and put that energy to work, “to care for his who has borne the battle,” as Lincoln said.

Helen A. Glass

Retired, Tucson

Pandering comments an embarrassment

Re: the May 18 article “AZ candidate says mass shooters are Dems.”

Republican congressional wannabe Gary Kiehne’s reprehensible attempt to link recent mass murders to Democrats quickly revealed that he is unfit to hold public office — let alone get near a microphone. His was not the only embarrassment, however.

Primary opponent Andy Kwasman’s statement that “it’s a God-given, natural right to keep and bear arms” is as laughable as it is ignorant.

One might suggest that he actually read the Bible rather than use it merely as a political prop.

Furthermore, the weak or nonexistent response to Kiehne’s offensive comments from either Kwasman or Andy Tobin indicate an astonishing lack of leadership or empathy for the victims of gun violence.

The more these panderers to the religious right and the NRA speak, the clearer the difference between their “say anything” politics and the measured common sense demonstrated by their current Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick become.

Don Jorgensen

Chairman of the Pima County


Party, Tucson

Beware of bench warrant scam

Any phone call from the Pima County sheriff’s office telling you that there is a bench warrant for your arrest, that your license has been suspended, that you have failed to show up for a court date, AND that you must purchase a Green Date Money Pack Card and call 310-5375 with the card number and receipt number is a scam.

The sheriff’s office does not make phone calls — it comes to your home address with court documents. Any fines or methods of “taking care of this” are always paid directly from you to the specific court.

Debbie Boggs

Employed, Tucson

Responsible ownership helps prevent dog bites

Re: the May 17 article “4.5 million bitten in US in 2013, dog stats show.”

The article about dog bites was interesting. However, some tips for preventing dog bites were overlooked. First, train your dog. There are private trainers and training clubs; both PetsMart and PetCo offer classes, and if none of those are feasible, there are books and online instructions.

Teaching a dog to sit, stay, and walk on a leash are all effective ways of preventing accidents. Additionally, microchipping your dog helps find him/her if s/he gets loose, and that’s a protection for everyone, pets included.

And, if you can’t keep your dog, don’t just turn it loose: call on the Humane Society of Southern Arizona or Pima Animal Care Center for help.

In short, responsible ownership is the most effective bite prevention.

Ashleen O’Gaea


Protect cyclists

by fixing intersections

Re: the May 5 Roadrunner column “City builds protected bike lanes to get more cyclists riding.”

Before installing more physical barriers along bike lanes, first redesign killer intersections like the southeast corner of Grant Road and Mountain Avenue.

This design ignores the realities that:

1) A bike lane does not end at the intersection — bikers continue to go straight ahead.

2) So if cars are allowed to make right turns, they must cross the bike lane somewhere before turning.

Forcing cars to go into the intersection to start turning allows bikers to enter the driver’s blind spot on the right. Better to put in a right turn lane before reaching Grant so drivers can cross the bike lane before entering the intersection.

The design of corners like this violates ARS 28-751. “Required position and method of turning — right turns.

Both the approach for a right turn and a right turn shall be made as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.”

Ruth Stokes

Systems analyst, Tucson