Writer bravely shares heartbreaking story

Re: the Oct. 11 guest column “My brother’s suicide makes it clear: Depression is the foe.”

Bob Dorson’s story is obviously coming from the depths of his heart. While this has been heartbreaking for him, it is hopefully eye-opening for those who read it. Thank you, Bob, for your courage, your willingness and selflessness to tell your story, which we can hope will be helpful and transforming for others.

I pray that each moment of every day, as you move forward with your life, and help others with theirs, you find comfort. You give of yourself each and every day, reaching out to those in need in our community. May this help weave a soft wrap that will begin to cover the lens of that terrible image with which you have been left.

You were a wonderful brother. Now you are a kind and caring mentor to so many, as was your brother. Mitch would want you to carry that onward. May your caring deeds bring you solace, peace and the joy in life you so deserve.

Roni Ashford

Retired teacher, Tucson

Obama spending

our future away

Editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons has apparently exhausted whatever intelligence he may have once had. His inane attacks against the tea party are baseless unless he thinks it a grand idea that the United States bankrupt itself.

Since he can no longer think, here is a suggestion. Make a cartoon of Sen. Obama condemning President Bush for extending the debt limit, thus being unpatriotic and bankrupting the future of our children. He could contrast that image with Obama today spending our future like there is no tomorrow. Pretty funny, huh?

Dave Young

Retired, Tubac

Restore discipline in Congress

The events in Congress in the last six months should never be tolerated again. The full faith and credit of our nation can be restored rapidly by bipartisan teamwork to enact meaningful legislation.

If our citizens and the global community see clear and convincing evidence of meaningful reform of immigration, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and our tax code, we will acknowledge that effective internal reform has taken place in Congress. Short-term adjustments of all departments following the sequestration are already overdue.

Some meaningful work has been done at the committee level that deserves respect, but it is time for discipline to overcome bickering. It is shameful to see our great system of government fail in the tasks of representative public service.

John H. Hughes

Educator, Tucson

Who should pay

the bill for shutdown?

Re: the Oct. 18 letter to the editor “Yes, GOP should do whatever it takes.”

Since they thought this snafu was a wonderful plan, the letter writer should pay the $24 billion the shutdown cost the economy. That way the rest of us Americans won’t have to be stuck with the bill. The writer also said everything this president and the Democrats have done was and is bad for the country — you do realize that President Obama won twice? I wonder if they have packed their bags yet for a better country.

Jack Hunter

Retired, Tucson

Terri Proud’s claim

is height of hypocrisy

Re: the Oct. 19 article “Ex-lawmaker Proud files $800,000 claim vs. state.”

I find it the height of hypocrisy for Terri Proud to file a claim against the people of Arizona. First, why would a member of the GOP, a party that views government of any size as bad, accept a job and become part of that government bureaucracy? Second, a member of a party that strove to make “serving at the pleasure of the governor” a condition of state employment, is now upset when she is dismissed?

Third, a member of a party championing tort reform restricting a worker’s right to sue is now threatening a lawsuit against her employer — for an outrageous sum of money, too? Fourth, as a member of a party that regularly uses political tactics against those who oppose them, she is now shocked when it’s directed at her?

It makes sense that Proud would consider another run at elective office, since the laws the Legislature passes to restrict our rights don’t seem to apply to them.

Todd Fedoruk

Manager, Oro Valley

Senate, White House must share the blame

The polls reflect that the GOP is solely to blame for the mess in Washington, but folks are forgetting that it takes more than one side to negotiate. The Republican-led House has the responsibility of funding or not funding legislation signed into law by the president. They also have the obligation of watching out for our tax dollars and representing their constituents.

The House presented several offers of negotiation to the Senate which Harry Reid quickly ash-canned. Time after time, the president declared he would negotiate on any issue the House and Senate brought up but then stated he would not compromise at all on Obamacare or the debt ceiling. Shouldn’t the White House and Democratic-led Senate share the blame or is it only those representatives and senators with an “R” after their names?

Lindsey Smith

Retired, Tucson