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McCain has become bitter, angry man

Re: the Feb. 21 column "Green Valley town hall featured John McCain vs. John McCain."

Kudos to Sarah Garrecht Gassen for showing us the real John McCain. Sadly, McCain has become a bitter, angry senator who can't admit a mistake about anything.

He refuses to recognize past inconsistent positions and tries to bully anyone who questions him, whether it be a citizen in Green Valley or a newspaper editor.

It's hard to blame the president for everything when you have been in Washington for 30 years.

It's time to retire, Sen. McCain. You and your good buddy, Sen. Graham, represent the worst of partisan politics.

You don't represent the state of Arizona; you represent the Beltway.

Howard Relin

Green Valley

Letter writer wrong about Great Depression

Re: the Feb. 21 letter to the editor "Columnist omits facts about Calvin Coolidge."

The letter writer takes issue with columnist George Will's opinion piece of Feb.14 lauding the presidency of Calvin Coolidge. The writer states as "facts" that "Coolidge's laissez-faire policies, limited government spending and tax cuts" contributed to the economic problems that caused the Great Depression.

However, most free-market economists, e.g. the late Milton Friedman, would sharply disagree with this opinion (and it is his opinion, not a fact) as to the proximate causes of the Great Depression. Such economists have posited several reasons that the 1930s depression became the Great Depression.

Those reasons are as follows: 1) after the economic downturn had started, severe tightening of credit by the Federal Reserve; 2) restrictive trade policies like the Smoot-Hawley Law; and 3) increased government spending that continued to take dollars out of the private sector and transfer those dollars to government-sponsored make-work projects.

Lee Fairman

Retired, Green Valley

Authoritarians seek to impose their views

SB 1213 is a bill to benefit authoritarians, heir to a distinguished family of anti-Darwin laws stretching back more than a century. In the civil war between free inquiry and, "Do what you're told," authoritarians need all the extra help they can get.

These people do not wear armbands; they find each other by loudly denying evolution. Reporters had to ask politician Marco Rubio "How old is the Earth?" to get a true sense of his values.

There is the sulfur smell of the devil to all this; the idea that some people are so much better than the rest of us, they should be our gods. That entails taking the kind of control over the lives of reluctantly pregnant women that they would never permit anyone to have over them.

Authoritarians are Americans who love freedom - theirs not yours.

Daniel Lynch

Geologist, Tucson

In making cuts, look into cost of Congress

I always thought that Congress was there to help its constituents, not do them in.

The plutocrats seem, in my opinion, to own Congress, and the people (meaning those of us who make less the $250,000) don't seem to count. Then I guess we get the picture loud and clear who does matter in their book.

Now if we want to cut the pork out of government, Congress, their salaries, their perks (including their bottled water), their retirement and their medical coverage needs looking into. What budget do they come under?

Have any presidents raided their retirement funds, like at least three presidents I know who have raided Social Security for their own causes? Maybe if they had to give up what they are asking us, who pay their salaries, to give up, they would be more concerned about the country and its citizens.

Kay J. Van Houten

Retired teacher, Tucson

Would Star be as critical of a liberal politician?

Re: the Feb. 21 column "Green Valley town hall featured John McCain vs. John McCain."

Sarah Garrecht Gassen's editorial piece was a critical examination of Sen. John McCain's record, as part of her interview with the senator at the town hall. Gassen's report was written in a confrontational, in-your-face style that challenged McCain's statements, opinions, actions and policies.

Fair enough. All politicians should be subject to ongoing, in-depth coverage of their records - their accomplishments and failures. That's the American way.

I wonder, however, if the Star's editorial writer would be as critical in her approach if the subject was a liberal icon of the left ... Obama, Biden, Napolitano, Goddard and the like? Or would she be deferential, solicitous, even in agreement with a liberal politician's positions on the issues of the day?

Jim Crumpacker,

Unemployed, SaddleBrooke

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