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December 21, 2013 12:00 am

UHS should not adjust its entrance standards

Re: the Dec. 19 article “US judge sides with deseg expert’s plan for Univ. High.”

University High School is open to all students who qualify academically and have a desire to work hard and study. If the student is a hard worker in middle school and receives excellent grades and has a desire to succeed, he or she shouldn’t have any problems in the admission for UHS.

Entrance into UHS tends, therefore to be more competitive and it’s a good thing for all students motivated to do excellent work. A lot of things need to change, but schools do not need to become more lenient .

Minority students need to work and study harder in middle school to meet standards. It should not be the other way around where standard are lowered to meet the students who can’t cut it. High standards help build a foundation for collegiate success.

Don Cotton

Business owner, Tucson

Not playing

the ‘gimme stuff’ game

Christmas sucks. Santa and reindeer dance on TV and Facebook. Deals on trucks, turkeys and DVDs in newspapers and radios. Doorbusters on billboards. I send cards to those who sent them to me. My mailbox is full of junk. The Postal Service prospers. Churches add services, ask for donations to cover expenses. Choirs sing themselves hoarse. Preachers lose their voices.

I feel for clerks in stores, baristas in coffee shops, reporters on human interest assignments and bartenders who stay sober.

The gremlin in me says it’s worse every year. I have resolved to party less, drink water, avoid malls, emails and newspapers. I will hide, reflect on my failures, rejoice silently in the good earth. I will spend less, send fewer cards to people I barely know, hug my friends and relatives for being wherever they are.

Maybe next year people will recover from their “gimme stuff” addiction so they can smile at me as a foolish neighbor rather than a loser in the Christmas ownership games.

Brad Stroup

Retired military, Tucson

But there’s a war on Christmas

It started in November;

Christmas music fills the air

But there’s a war on Christmas

So I guess I’m not “all there.”

Lights are lit on every corner;

Gifts are flying off the shelves

But there’s a war on Christmas

I guess I’m imagining those elves!

Churches will fill on that special night;

Festivities are everywhere

But there’s a war on Christmas

Am I really supposed to care?

What else do they tell us

That doesn’t ring true?

I guess I’m just not red, white and blue.

My question to you...

Was there ever really

A war on Christmas!?

Pamela Wegener

Retired teacher, Green Valley

Nothing positive

about negative impacts

Re: the Nov. 30 article “New report is a plus for Rosemont.”

There’s nothing plus about “negative impacts,” “legal uncertainties,” “differences of opinion among agencies” and being “denounced as inadequate.”

The formal appeals process has been eliminated by a new Forest Service sleight of hand. Not to mention the “biggest likely impact” being loss of groundwater supplies, with water levels dropping 15 to 85 feet.

The U.S. Forest Service has gone from wise use and multiple use to total destructive use. The water won’t be missed until the well runs dry, all that money is spent and we’re left to enjoy a nice big hole in the ground.

This is not a reversible activity and you better learn to live without water.

Steve Hickman

Retired National Park Service


Green Valley

Approach Iran nukes rationally, reasonably

Re: the Dec. 2 editorials “Will deal prevent Iran from going nuclear?”

Since nearly all developed countries have “gone nuclear” in one way or another without necessarily producing nuclear weapons, the question posed with respect to Iran is not appropriately stated. But aside from this, it was an eye-opener to read two such diametrically opposed responses.

After doing so, it became obvious that Lawrence J. Haas’ analysis is based on irrational fears , while John B. Quigley argued rationally and reasonably for the path of diplomacy.

One can only hope that the majority of Americans support what is rational and reasonable to prevent Israel’s warmongering prime minister from attacking Iran and possibly setting the Middle East, if not the whole world, on fire.

Rosemarie Carnarius

Retired minister, Tucson

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