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April 24, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Volunteers could help with road repairs

Re: The April 17 editorial "County needs a viable plan to fund road repairs."

In regards to the request for road-repair ideas, how about volunteer workers?

There are a few streets the two of us use a lot. We'd be willing to invest some time in getting trained then working on them under professional supervision.

Jeff and Dee Kaumeyer

Retired, Tucson

Senators disgraceful in anti-gun-check vote

Re: the April 18 article "Senate defeats major gun curbs."

The 46 U.S. senators who filibustered a vote on expanded background checks on gun purchases have dishonored the institution of our Senate and are a disgrace to the democratic process.

Our own Jeff Flake is a part of this shameful action.

Whether a senator is yea or nay on this issue, he or she ought to have the guts and courage to stand on the floor of the U.S. Senate and actually cast a vote. They should have the courage and moral fiber to explain their actions to the 90 percent of the American people who support common sense background checks and gun safety laws that do not infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Instead they hide behind this most undemocratic filibuster process that continues to be abused and misused.

Indeed, our representatives are the best that lobbyists and special interests can buy. We the people mean not a thing.

Kathy Krucker


Don't rush to criticize LaWall's stance

I, too, watched Barbara LaWall's responses to the "60 Minutes" street ambush.

While she was not as articulate as she might have been under other circumstances, I admire her willingness to respond to accusations framed as questions. The consequences of any public official's statements in the context of pending, controversial matters justify County Attorney LaWall's caution.

As a retired federal prosecutor, I am and have been deeply concerned about errors in the criminal justice system. I can personally attest to the highest levels of scrutiny to avoid those errors. At the same time, no law enforcement, prosecutor or defender is given unlimited resources.

Everyone involved at every level of the criminal justice system is a human being, capable of making a mistake. Public examination of criminal cases is a good thing that can help prevent or correct such mistakes. Public excoriation of every person, past and present, associated with the case serves no one.

Consideration, other than self- righteous indignation, should be given to all aspects of criminal prosecutions. Such consideration must be tempered by the fiscal, legal and public information limitations on every case.

Kendra McNally

Retired federal prosecutor, Tucson

Lawmakers' move to 'recycle' guns boggles

Re: the April 17 article "Senate: Don't let cities destroy 'buyback' guns."

Just when I thought our state representatives had totally lost their grip on reality, I read in the Star that they have come up with a gun-recycling proposal.

What a novel idea. The state would take guns that have been turned in and instead of destroying them, turn around and sell them back to licensed gun dealers. It would save precious natural resources, so fewer nasty new guns would be built and also provide much-needed income for the state.

If things really worked well, the new gun owners might turn in their guns and the state could start the whole recycle process over again. Wow, how eco- friendly. I didn't think our state reps had that kind of foresight. They do love our planet.

Fred DiNoto

Retired firefighter, Tucson

Keep up effort to curb gun violence

Re: the April 18 article "Senate defeats major gun curbs."

As a career educator and after hearing the results of the Senate vote regarding expanded background checks for private weapon purchases, all I can say is shame on the 46 senators who voted to not support this much needed legislation.

When 90 percent of the citizenry is in favor of this legislation, how can these elected officials ignore the will of the people they supposedly represent?

This raises the question: "Whose views do they represent and why are they beholden to those groups or individuals?" Tucson was affected by gun violence, but let us not forget Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, and countless other communities across the nation that have been victimized by senseless and, in some cases, preventable carnage.

As President Obama stated, this debate is not over. It must continue until the voices of those who have lost their lives or were maimed are heard.

Robert L. Kolenda

Retired educator, Tucson

Senators either heartless or bought off

Re: the April 18 article "Senate defeats major gun curbs."

The U.S. Senate is a national embarrassment.

When the images of 20 first-graders riddled with bullets from a maniac's gun does not move the U.S. Senate to do the right thing and call for universal background checks, the only conclusions are either the senators who voted against the legislation are heartless or, simply, we have the best Senate that money can buy.

Take your pick. In either case we the voters need to remember who voted against reasonable gun controls that do not infringe on Second Amendment rights and vote them out of office at the next election.

Richard S. Gottlieb

Gun owner, Tucson

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