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March 09, 2014 12:00 am

Fix immigration; don’t reward breaking law

At this point everyone knows we need to fix our broken immigration system. We need border security first, then we need a whole set of legal hoops through which illegal immigrants will need to jump if they are to become legal — but not citizens with voting rights. That will take a lot more effort on their part.

For those who see any action taken as a reward for breaking the law, they simply are not facing the fact that even convicted felons are often given fines instead of prison time.

We cannot and should not reward anyone for breaking the law; however requiring registration, imposing fines, paying back taxes, having employment verified and other requirements is not a reward but a restitution.

We can not let this situation continue as is. We are putting our economy in further jeopardy, to say nothing of our national security.

Encourage your elected representatives to get this right. Don’t leave the back door open. It is imperative that we get started on getting this situation solved.

Gabe Ballard

Retired, Tucson

Nanny state a road to communism

Re: the March 5 article “Study: Poor moms need child care, education.”

Ah, the Star is at it again. Of course providing help for poor mothers by easing childcare costs and increasing education opportunities would benefit them and their children. That’s beside the point.

What reporter Patty Machelor would understand if she bothered to read the luminous weekly contributions of George Will, Jonah Goldberg and others is that this type of big government, nanny state Utopia is a one-way road to totalitarian communism/fascism.

Everyone wants what’s best for the poor, but it’s far better to let the chips fall where they may and maintain the moral high-ground, than to succumb to the unfathomable evil of directed action involving representative democracy.

Tim McDonald

Student, Tucson

Fish and Game to blame for lion debacle

Re: the March 6 article “Two more bighorns die; mountain lion is killed in Catalinas.”

Virtually 50 percent of the bighorns ineptly relocated to the Catalinas have died, along with three mountain lions. The latest sheep death is being “investigated,” which says to me that this death was not due to a mountain lion.

This whole “project” is a mess and the Arizona Game and Fish Department is at fault. The entire thing was so poorly done they should be ashamed. No thought at all for the needs of the animals being relocated. No thoughts at all, on the impact of the relocated animals on the environment they were being thrown into.

This whole debacle sickens me and makes me wonder how on earth Game and Fish can justify its total departure from its promise to protect and preserve.

Sandra Mahanna

Wildlife rehabilitator, Tucson

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