Immigration article was placed improperly

Re: the June 14 article "Tribes seek to join immigration reform debate."

Excellent article for the top of page A1. Both Pascua Yaqui Chairman Peter Yucupicio and Tohono O'odham Chairman Ned Norris Jr. enlightened the 200 plus of us that were there to hear them at the immigration forum with Nuns on the Bus.

Reading reporter Perla Trevizo's article was informative, but I'm guessing, not only did the editors not place it where it should have been, but cut much of what she had written.

Immigration and Native-American issues are much more important to us all than than a gelato shop going to Kuwait.

Punch Woods

Retired, Tucson

Facebook use silences vigorous discussion

The transition this week to using Facebook to comment on Daily Star articles and opinions seems to have generated an eerie silence in the local community.

Hot-button topics that previously generated tens or hundreds of comments have zero or limited comments on them. Was this change supposed to extend your commercial reach through the use of the Facebook "Like" button or to silence vigorous, noisy and sometimes messy discussion and opposing views on the comment boards?

Time will tell if this will be successful from a financial perspective.

Cori Hoag

Environmental consultant, Oro Valley

Thankful for good Samaritans

A few weeks ago, as I was briskly walking my dog in Rolling Hills park, I tripped and fell. As I tried to get up, two women suddenly appeared shouting, "Stay there, the paramedics are on the way."

One took the leash out of my hands and the other greeted the paramedics with precise details of the fall. It all happened so fast, all I could do was answer their questions and suddenly I was standing up and being helped into the car on the way home. Thank God, they wouldn't let me move. They really saved me from more harm.

I have no idea who those two good Samaritan ladies were, but I hope they read this and know they are in my very heartfelt prayers daily. Thank you so much.God bless you!

Sister Rina Cappellazzo


Bighorn plan would damage ecosystem

Re: the June 16 column "More questions on reintroducing bighorns."

While I am all for the idea of reintroducing bighorns to the Catalinas, I am appalled at the idea of using them essentially as bait to track and kill mountain lions.

I know that the mountain lions would only be killed if they kill one of the sheep, but if you introduce more prey the mountain lions are going to eat it. If we are trying to make the ecosystem what it used to be, then killing off the predators is going to damage the ecosystem, not help it.

Rachel Townsend

Student, Tucson

Taxpayers support partisan efforts, too

Re: the June 16 column "Legislating behavior undermines Constitution."

In George Will's cogent and well-considered column he chides conservatives for using taxes to legislate morality. What Will fails to understand is that this ploy is far more pervasive than the use of "sin taxes" to discourage smoking, drinking and other "undesirable" behaviors.

Tax-exempt status for charitable and nonprofit organizations and charitable contributions was ostensibly designed to help the poor and sick, but is today used to proselytize and to promote specific political views.

The Citizens United ruling has stripped away the thin facade of impartiality and opened the floodgates for special interests to spend without limit in our elections under the guise nonpartisanship, all the while taking advantage of tax-exempt status. The scandal connected with the Internal Revenue Service investigations of partisan political groups is not their investigation, but granting them tax-exempt status.

Jim Walworth


Right wing, not media, has greater influence

Re: the June 17 letter to the editor "Robinson can't see the symptoms of rot."

I read with considerable amusement the writer's garment-rending comments deriding one of the right's favorite whipping boys, the hackneyed "liberal media," while knowing full well that the zeal with which the cudgel wielded by the right- wing propaganda machine is swung has a far greater influence on American politics.

Interestingly enough, a front-page article on the same Internal Revenue Service scandal he mentions casts doubt on any wrong- doing and exposes again the right's propensity for exaggeration.

Robert Epstein

Retired, Green Valley

Right-wing groups take advantage of laws

I think the crucial words are "exclusively" and "primarily social" in regard to tax exemption under the law for 501(c)4 groups. But many of the people complaining about being harassed by the Internal Revenue Service are tea party organizations that are without a doubt political in action to the core and are not in any way either exclusively or primarily social welfare organizations.

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS and the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity are two of the most offensive culprits. I find it laughable that these extreme right-wing organizations that profess to hate Big Government would stretch the law for their benefit and then complain about being investigated.

"Imprisoned" should be the operative word for these crybaby cheats.

David L. Divine

Green Valley

Harley blessing, Hoffa are breaking news?

Breaking news! The pope has blessed Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Are Hondas relegated to purgatory and are they installing altars in Harley dealerships for the Harleys unable to drive to Rome? Maybe they can get washed with holy water, to make up for the slight.

Breaking news again! The FBI is digging up another plot of ground looking for Jimmy Hoffa after another hot tip as to where he is. I don't know what they expect when they find him. He will only take the Fifth so he won't incriminate himself.

John R. Clarke

Oro Valley