Legislature protects guns, not people

Re: the April 30 article "Bill signed preventing Tucson from destroying 'buyback' guns."

I was appalled to learn that one of my elected state representatives, Republican state Rep. Ethan Orr, voted yes on HB 2455 - even though he represents the very district where Gabby Giffords was gunned down.

The public is crying out for reasonable background checks to help restrict access to guns by those who should not have them - yet all the Legislature does is protect guns, not people.


Madeleine Wachter

Legislative District 9 voter, Tucson

Steller's gripe about UHS, Basis unclear

Re: the May 5 column "Let's keep Basis, UHS in perspective."

I've read Tim Steller's column three times and still am not sure what point he is trying to make other than that Basis Tucson and UHS receive more praise than they deserve.

Really? To prepare students for college and to choose and retain highly motivated students is a bad thing? What? What am I missing? I think Steller falls into the category of those who believe that every kid who plays on a sports team should get as big and shiny a medal or trophy, win or lose, as the team that actually does win and outperforms the other teams.

I can't even give Steller polite applause but I do give him and his ilk a huge sigh.

Thomas Kolaz

Father of former Basis Tucson student, Tucson

Every neighborhood has a Grinch

Re: the May 4 letter to the editor "Cyclovia messes up traffic, neighborhoods."

The writer complains that Cyclovia is a "disastrous mess." What disasters occurred?

That it's "disturbing peace." You mean happy children on bikes who could freely ride without fear of careless motorists blasting loud music, texting and treating neighborhood streets like they are driving in the Indy 500?

That it's "trashing neighborhoods." This area is plagued with graffiti. I saw no new tagging. The streets were cleaned up before and after and actually looked cleaner than they have been for quite some time.

That it's "instigating road rage." Really? Those folks already have anger management issues.

That it was a "Maginot line of hipsters." You mean families and people being allowed to use the streets for just a few hours to walk, ride bikes, roller skate without fear of being run over?

How nobody asked permission to "disturb my life." The streets are public common areas, not private property. We do not need your permission.

There is a Grinch in every neighborhood.

Ann Hoy

Endoscopy technician, Tucson

Public has enough facts on Even's performance

Re: the May 7 letter to the editor "Let's get facts, not rush to judge PCC board."

The letter provided a defense for PCC Governing Board member Brenda Even and described her as "ethical."

Recently, the Higher Leaning Commission found the PCC Governing Board and upper level administrators to be unethical, incompetent and lacking in openness and transparency. 

Suggesting that the public lacks information only confirms the HLC findings and raises the question: Why doesn't the public have the facts?

It is intolerable that Brenda Even did not share information with the other board members and did nothing regarding a tip she received about the former chancellor's sexual harassment of a college employee. Sexual harassment should always be investigated just as surely as bomb threat tips are.

Brenda Even should be recalled because she won't resign, as so many, including the Arizona Daily Star, have politely asked her to do.

David W. Gallagher

Retired PCC faculty, Tucson

Huckelberry's tax reasoning doesn't cut it

Re: the May 5 guest column "County proposes 5% tax rate hike - but overall taxes go down."

Enough of the mental hanky-panky, Chuck Huckelberry. Your specious explanation of the 5 percent property tax increase being necessary does not cut it with me.

You made the rules that determine property tax revenues, now live with them. Threatening property owners with reduced services did not specify the fat, the pork barreling, the political spoils in the budget. Connecting the reduced county services to the property increase is a non sequitur, Mr. Huckelberry.

Edward L. Jeska

Green Valley

'Cleaner fracking' is an oxymoron

Re: the May 7 article "Backing for cleaner 'fracking'"

Cleaner fracking is an oxymoron.

No innovative technology can restore the environmental devastation that frack sand mining leaves in its wake across the upper Midwest, let alone what fracking does when sand, toxic chemicals and enormous amounts of water are pumped into bedrock across the country.

John Heid

General laborer, Tucson